Walking Alone

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I am walking my own solitary path for the first time.
Up until August this year I had been a member a Gardnerian coven and a founding member of a circle of sister witches. I had rarely worked any magick alone. I would cast either with a group or with my Wiccan Mentor who for seven years was my closest friend. For my own reasons at the start of Aug 2015 I made the decision to walk away from my coven and my friend.

I now want to experience my own magick and work with the Goddess and God alone, I have stepped away from the Wiccan path and have decided to follow an older style of witchcraft. So far I’m really enjoying the freedom of being solitary, being able to create whenever I feel the need, whether that is as soon as I walk in the door from work or those 4am wake ups when something is playing on my mind or inspiration wakes me. I’m not sure how often I will post but when I do I hope you enjoy this peek into my life.


edited: Although I welcome your comments and questions about my new “Grey Witch” journey. I no longer follow a wiccan lifestyle so can only advise you read as much information as you can get your hands on and check out Magika School for brilliant on line courses.


6 thoughts on “Walking Alone

  1. I love this! Being a solitary myself I have to say it’s awesome. Just doing what feels right in the moment is so liberating. I’ve often thought of finding a coven or like minded people but for a reason I’m not sure of , it just doesnt resonate with me.
    I wish you well on your chosen path and will enjoy seeing you bloom.
    Blessed be
    Moonsong xxx
    (Judwa )


    1. Thank you my lovely, I’m really quite excited about what the Goddess has waiting for me around the next corner x
      Hecataine xxx


  2. Hey!
    I’m very curious to know more about your new path, i’m always walk alone in Wicca, and about this 3 years of a lot study, and practice, i learned a lot of things, blessings in this new path, waiting for many post!!
    From Brazil.


  3. Walking along can be the scariest, and the most liberating feeling.

    I predict you will discover you are capable of doing somuch more than you ever expected.


  4. Hello! I am a new Wiccan and I was delighted to find a RECENT blog:) You posted this on my birthday, so I feel like it was meant to be. Do you have any tips for new wiccans? I would appreciate anything. I haven’t cast any spells yet and I’m not sure how. What do you suggest for a first spell? And how do I cast a circle? What do you believe about the divine? It sounds like you believe in both God and Goddess. At this juncture, I have only found it reasonable to beleve in Goddess/mother earth, and the soul of every animal and plant. I also believe in the power of the moon and the sun. I don’t believe in rocks having souls as that makes absolutely no sense in light of how rocks are formed. Sorry for all these questions… I’m very curious. -Gavryn


    1. Many thanks for your comment. Although no longer wicca myself I have added a link to the post above that might help you in your studies.


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