Not remotely Magickal.

Last night while attending Bloodstones AGM. (Oh I suppose I should say for the those of you that don’t know me IRL I’m a member of a border morris dancing team called Bloodstone Border Morris check us out, we’re pretty cool!) I was voted in as Bagman for the next 12 months. This basically means its my job to make the bookings for the team, liaise with the other teams Baggys, make sure the online calendar is up to date (thankfully my hubby is webmaster) inform members when each dance is and at what time and let the squire know who is attending. It doesn’t sound too difficult but I know there’s an awful lot more to it that just that, there are 30+ members in our Morris Team and we dance out more than once a week during the summer season (1st May – 1st Sept) and attend at least three festival weekends.

(Me and my lovely Hubby in our Bloodstone costumes)

At most dance outs it’s like herding cats to get everybody in the right place and the right time……. and talking about time! Most Morris men only read “Morris Time” which normally runs slower after a few full tankards in the beer tent! If you know what I mean.
However I think this will be a project I can really get my teeth into, and there’s nothing more I like to do than organise 🙂
have a fabulous Friday


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