The Journey Down my Hallway

After some serious thought on the matter last month, I decided that having the larger of our spare rooms as my “witch/altar room” was just silly. Now that I no longer host evenings with a Sister Witch Circle I really didn’t need so much room. My long suffering computer geek of a husband had been stuffed in the smaller spare room with more computers, printers, cables and spare screens than any one geek really needs (ok ok…. we’ll not mention the millions of handbags, shoes and scarves in my wardrobe). This could only mean one thing! It was time for a change! So with my enthusiasm driving us and a few days booked off work for the geek. We got started swapping the rooms about.

Now this wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounds. For a start both have masses of “stuff” in fact masses doesn’t cover it! Trying to empty two rooms into each other at the same time was going to need a serious plan. We have a corridor that runs down the centre of our house and our respective rooms were at either end of this narrow passage. Desks, altars, work benches, bookshelves were all hauled back and forth, rugs were rolled and stored away (I can trip over fresh air) crystals and motherboards got snuggled in bubble wrap for their short journey, we were on the move to a bright future.
Half way through the second day of the big swap a friend came over to help me unpack and set up my new room. By 7pm we had most of the room unpacked and arranged. The geek had his computer set up then gotten himself lost in the world of the internet, with boxes piled high behind him (over a week later he hasn’t really made much of a dent in his unpacking, he’ll get around to it in his own time). The following day with the house to myself, I spent hours adjusting each shelf, display and cupboard until I was totally happy with the placement of every item.
Where my last witch room evolved, my new room has been planned down to the finest detail.

This new room with its vibrant Indian inspired colours, large west facing window is bright and cheery. This a room where I will be able to make exciting new choices about my journey with the Goddess and embrace a new style of witchcraft.  20150927_200825

My old room was very womb like, it was the room where I grew and learnt the Wicca way of witchcraft. It was a place where circle was held and sisters moved in ritual together as one. This path was no longer meeting my needs, so breaking free from the womb and the bonds of sisterhood was the only thing to do. IMG_1296250178078904

I will write a more detailed post about my new room soon.




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