Room Blessing Spell

I decided I wanted to create a Witches Bottle to act as a room blessing for my new witch room. I like to design my spells from scratch, this way I know they are perfect for me and my requirements. I have a few spell books from when I first stepped onto the Goddess path, but I find that these spells are very generic and the books never seem to explain why each item is used, they just tell you what to use. I prefer to use items that have a meaning to me, not just because someone told me to use them.


My spell process is easy really.

I write out a list of my requirements in my note book, I check through my herb book to find herbs that have the magickal properties my spell will need. I tend to use Scott Cunningham’s book for this, but I also have a few other herbal books and printouts that I will refer to. I will then check through my herb collection and decide which herbs I want to use (I always select an odd number herbs to use). I have a good selection of herbs, I try and gather or grow all the herbs I use myself but there are some that it’s just not possible for me to grow, so I resort to buying these from reputable shops (mostly “Starchild” in Glastonbury).20151003_113731

 I will also check through my Crystal bibles to see if there are any crystals that can lend their energies. I then collect up any charms, ribbons and other items that I want to use in my spell. So that I have everything to hand before I start. I have recently found a little shop on the Island that sells the prettiest little bottles, they don’t come with lids or tops as they are sold as vases but I have a nice big bag of corks that are the perfect size.20151003_113121

So once I have everything I need to hand I will start adding in my ingredients stating out aloud the properties of each one being used

“I add Sage for clarity of mind, knowledge and wisdom.
Vervain added for Inner calm, harmony and peace,
I add St. Johns Wort  for personal healing, love and a happy future”

typically I will try and layer my ingredients as I like how this looks in the finished spell bottle, but there are some things like Oak Apples for example that don’t layer well so I tend to add my powdered and ground items first then bulkier things, like large seed pods, charms and paper scrolls go in last so they sit nicely on the top of the layers.


When each item has been added I will finish the bottle by taking a deep breath holding it will thinking of my intentions and then breathe out into the bottle, corking it straight away.
If a spell bottle is to be seen (ie: on display in my house) I like it to be pretty as well as  magickally effective, so I add ribbons and charms to the neck of the bottle before sealing it with a corresponding coloured wax. If my spell is a traditional witches bottle for something like home protection, this will be buried outside of my home so although I might add charms, I tend not to worry too much if the end product looks pretty or not.

20151003_114827  20151003_115901  20151003_122737

 My spell bottle will then sit on my altar until I am ready to bless and activate it. This may be straight away, the next day or sometimes I will wait for the corresponding day, moon phase or just until I have enough time to be in the right mindset and be able to give my spell all of my attention (I work two jobs so am not always able to put aside the time to plan, create and bless a spell all at once). I’m a modern witch and thus my crafting and busy lifestyle have to work in

I’ve added a couple of photos to show how I store my herbs, smaller amounts are kept in mini jam jars, each jar has two labels: one has the name of the herb the second label on the lid as well as the name of the herb has a few magickal uses, I also keep these in alphabetical order for added speed when spell researching.

_MG_8938_wm   Jars on this shelf also have two labels, but tend to be things I am able to source myself and thus have much larger quantities of. The two baskets on the top of the shelf hold spare bottles, corks, ribbons and cords._MG_8933_wm

Thanks for reading about my spell writing process


Hecataine x 


2 thoughts on “Room Blessing Spell

  1. I love how organized you are. I’m still a relatively new witch, so don’t have a lot of stuff as yet. How long are the herbs potent before you would need to throw them out and obtain fresh ones? Or do you use them up pretty quickly?


    1. I will replace the ones I am able harvest myself quite regularly, ones that are harder to obtain I will make sure I use every drop before sourcing more.


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