Settling into my new Witch Room

As I have almost everything in place in my new room I thought it would be a good time to share some of the details with you all.


My crystal cabinet is on the first wall as you enter my room. It faces the window so during the day (when the sun decides to shine) all my crystals look even more beautiful, and when It gets dark I have micro lights threaded throughout the cabinets shelves for added twinkle factor. On the wall to the left are some old thimble display cases that a friend found for me at a car boot sale I have painted them and added paper to the back of each section and I am using them to display some of my tumble stones and other little things I have collected or made over the years.

Directly opposite the door into my room is my spell work table, my herb storage and my scrying mirror and above that just out of the picture is my fox hoop drum. The table started life as a sewing table.I bought second hand several years ago, it has two huge fold down sides and tons of storage space in the center area. On top of the table is a re-purposed index card draw set where I keep all my small pots of herbs in alphabetical order, a basket with stationary items in and my pestle and mortar collection. All my large quantities of spell ingredients you can see are stored in jars on my wall shelf. Any over flow of herbs and all my small candles are in the small blue set of draws on the floor. I’m in the process of making a stand for my hand-felted witches hat. In the corner above my table there are three shelves, two are dedicated for the sun God and the middle one is filled with some of my collection of foxes.


further around the room is my reading corner, Gracie and Bella like to make themselves comfortable here whenever I’m in my room. They normally end up curled up together on the larger of the two seats. The small set of drawers is where I store my griding crystals. In the larger unit behind my seat, I store large bottles of holy spring water, indoor fire equipment, pillar candles and other larger ritual items.


Next up is my large westerly facing window. This for me is one of the best things about having this room as a witch room. I get full sunlight in my room from about 1pm until 5pm (when the sun goes behind the houses that back onto our garden). This also means I get a lovely view of the moon on clear nights and the window will make a brilliant surface for lunar crystal charging. That is if I can bear to remove all my lovely coloured glass collection, you might have noticed I have a bit of a thing for pretty glass bottles and jars. All of the sun catchers that are hanging in the window I made out of mirror tiles and glass or acrylic beads. The three strings of paper discs in the window and the three large light balls in the corner of the room are decorations I made back in 2011 for our handfasting.


The fourth and last wall in my room is my main altar wall. Here I have my lovely vintage oak altar that I paid a mere £10 for. I have painted the back of each diplay case and papered the shelves the whole cabinet was then dry brushed with gold paint to “lift” it a little.  My ancestor altar is the red shelves on the wall, here I have photos of mine and the geeks family, some small items of jeweller, my ancestor spell bottles and a few other little bits and bobs. On the three corner shelves I have a shelf dedicated to my totem animal the peacock and two shelves for the Moon Goddess. Underneath these shelves you can see my “Katrina Cadaver” model. I made her a few years back with the help of my fairy godmother. My beautiful oak and deer hoop drum “Rahnee” hangs here as well. The small round oak table to the side of my altar was another second hand bargain, I wood burnt an image of the tree of life on this earlier this year. On the back of my door hangs my ritual dress and cords along with my witches cloak.


I hope you have enjoyed a little wander around my room. If you have any questions or want to see something in more detail just leave me a comment.

Hecataine x


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