Favourite Film – Practical Magic

db56312b72ef77dbf3c46ebf72f51ad3I adore Practical Magic I think it is one of my all time favourite films EVER!!! I don’t think there is anything about the film that I dislike, the actress’s are perfect, their clothes are just fabulous and the set is amazing. I mean who wouldn’t want to live amongst those amazing women, in that house, on that island???


I loved this film from the first time I watched it, I have owned 2 copies of it on VHS and I’m on my 3rd DVD. I will watch it at least twice a month. I was so excited when I managed to source a copy of the book being sold on from an American library, I waited patiently for three weeks for the postman to deliver this much sort after book through my door. Only to be thoroughly disappointed 😦 I found the book so depressing and slow. I really didn’t love the characters the way  I thought I would. It took me weeks to read a book i would normally finish in a few days. I don’t even think I would have liked it more if I had read it before watching the film, in fact it would probably have put me off watching a film I adore. It makes a change for me to like a film more than I like the book it’s based on.

Has anyone else read it and been similarly disappointed?

Hecataine x


2 thoughts on “Favourite Film – Practical Magic

  1. Yes, I read it. It’s horrible! I have no idea how they pulled the movie out of that book. The plot is a mess. The characters are not likable, at all. Sally is a know it all and Jilly is an alcoholic, walking disaster and is portrayed as being very “slutty” – and not in the glamorous way this sluttiness is portrayed in the movie. There are, also, things to do with sexual assault in the book. In particular, I remember that Jilly was assaulted. But, there was not much of sympathy or compassion. The characters were pretty flat, too. Oh, and to top it all of there was nothing that I can remember about witchcraft in the book – certainly nothing like spell casting or killing a man, bringing him back to life, and then killing him, again. It’s been a long time since I slogged through it, so my memory may not be very clear, but it was a terrible disappointment, especially if you’re looking for a book with a plot that revolves around witchcraft.

    I did a little post at my blog that included a feminist analysis of this movie, along with some other popular witchcraft movies. It’s a short analysis, but you’ll find it here: https://radicalwitch.wordpress.com/2016/02/20/a-radical-feminist-perspective-on-witchcraft-movies-movie-makers-throw-witches-and-women-a-bone/


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