Inside Hecataines Altar

My New Altar, I love this piece of furniture!
Do you fancy a peak inside?

wpid-20151009_071214_wm.jpg wpid-20151009_071342_wm.jpg wpid-20151009_071051_wm.jpg

read on if you want to know more…………

 This is my third altar and I think the one I love the most out of them all.0482c5ff024861a264f55b5daec5b6bfd8bef4b3d41955262a2e8a45b55e5301 My first was an old blanket box passed on from my grandmother. I loved the family link but having to clear everything off the top each time I needed to get something that was inside soon wore very thin.
My second was a large low coffee table with storage space and two large draws. It was brilliant, I could finally get to things with ease, even during ritual if needed. Being large it was perfect for coven and circle work. However it was very clearly too large for my new room, so my search began for something smaller.  I looked at online catalogs and in local shops but couldn’t find anything that I like that was within my price range. I checked ebay but the postage of anything that large to the Island was almost more than the piece itself. A friend reminded me of a local on line market place and within minutes of my first search this lovely looking dark wood side board came across my screen, it was local and cheap, I did worry about it being very well made as it was so cheap, but it was just down the road so worth a look. When we arrived at the sellers house I was amazed to find that the sideboard was pre 1920’s and made completely of solid oak. It was in perfect condition and perfect for my needs. My hubby and I also found it was extremely heavy as we had a real job to lift it into the confines of my small car boot. However after some jigging about we managed to squeeze it in to the car and shut all the door.
(click the image in enlarge)


This new altar although thinner it’s much taller than either of my other two. This means I can work standing up at it (much better as I’m getting quite creaky in the knees as I get older) and has tons more storage space. Within a few days of having it home I brightened it up a little with some paint on the back panels and matching paper for each shelf. I then dry brushed the whole side board with gold paint just to “lift” the dark wood a little, added some lights to the top of each section and a string of fairy lights to the center display shelves.

In the left hand side on my altar I have my three favourite scrying crystal balls. They are Silver Sheen Obsidian,  Rainbow Obsidian, and Clear Quartz. My two Athames on the top shelf.  My Book of Shadows (two filled ones and two new ones) are on the middle shelf. On the bottom shelf I keep my spell work books (black), my reference note book (grey), and my first two Books of Shadow’s (red), two jars of White Sage and in the mini chest of drawers I keep my packets of Mystical Fire Magic  (that’s the stuff I use to get the pretty coloured flames in my cauldron).wpid-20151009_071214_wm.jpg

The center shelves I’m planning to keep for purely display purposes, I have my triple statue of Hecate, room blessing spell bottle, two small (Ember Vincent) offering bowls. On the second shelf I have the eggs I painted for Ostara (they are just too pretty to put away), another spell bottle, some mini element candles. On the bottom shelf my (Star Child) Incense mixes, a seasonal offering dish. I also have my peacock smudging wand and a few little spell bottles hanging on cords from the door handles. wpid-20151009_071342_wm.jpgIn the right hand side of the cabinet on the top shelf I keep all my celestial charged waters. I use these for cleansing my crystals, for spells and ritual work. My lead crystal chalice, my pink Himalayan salt and a small pot of incense cones. on the middle and bottoms shelves I keep most of my ritual and spell writing reference books (larger ones are kept tucked down the side of my spell table).


So that’s it, now you all know what I keep in my altar.

have a wonderful weekend witches!

Hecataine x


2 thoughts on “Inside Hecataines Altar

  1. Loving all the renewal, fresh colors, and self-exploration! Everything seems to have fallen in place and you’ve found what you have needed to make it a reflection of you! The word balance comes to mind. So, waiting for my new home to reach this point! But it will be done as it is supposed to be and I just keep chugging along! Watching your changes really helps me keep making my home a sacred space in the forefront of my mind! Thank you for sharing your space with me!


    1. Many Thanks Thea, It’s amazing the change and burst of energy this new room has given me. I love just being in here, the space and layout of the room really lends it’self perfectly to my craft. I an also enjoying watching your beautiful new house become a home for you and your family.


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