Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Pet

This is a repost from my old blog. I wanted to share this one again as I know many people who read this blog share their lives with beloved pets.

Many of us have pets and familiars that we share our lives and homes with. Its a sad fact that these beautiful creatures can only be here on this earth with us for a limited time. When the time comes for us to say goodbye we are often as heartbroken as if we had lost a human child.pooh

For me, my pets are my children. Don’t get me wrong I know they are dogs and cats I am under no pretence that they are human, I don’t dress them up (other than at Samhain for a laugh) or let them eat at the table . I am happy to leave them in the safety of my home while at work, and go out and enjoy my life without having to arrange a babysitter to watch them. I won’t leave them any longer than I need to as I enjoy their company and I chose to have these beautiful pets in my life, they sleep in our bedroom with us and most nights one dog can be found wedged between my husband’s and my pillow while another spreads herself out at the bottom of the bed across my feet.

  wpid-mg_0118_wm.jpg    wpid-mg_3611_wm.jpg

Currently I have two dogs, both English Cocker Spaniels. Gracie-Lou is my eldest, she turned 12 in March this year and Bella-Donna was five in February, both my girls I have had since they were puppies and both of them have been breeding bitches for me as I used to be a dog breeder.

wpid-mg_5111_wm.jpg wpid-mg_5363_wm.jpg wpid-20151003_124836_wm.jpg

I also have three cats, two beautiful black cats Amethyst and Mookaite they are sisters that I adopted from our local cats home. When they joined our family in 2013 they were approx 2 years old. I have my doubts about the information we were given by the home as they certainly don’t act like litter-mates who have grown up together, they dislike spending time together and I have never in the two years I have shared my home with them seen them grooming or comforting each other.The newest addition to our mad house is Magpie, my handsome Tuxedo cat (black and white), he is a dream I adore him and he adores me. I have never know a cat to be as loving as this little man. He’s immensely cheeky living up to his name and stealing anything and everything he can get his paws on. A favourite thievery task of his at the moment is to steal the bath tub plug. 

Back to the point of this post: Losing a Beloved Pet.

This day comes around far too quickly not matter if your pet has had a Back to the point of this post: losing a beloved pet.wonderful long life or a tragically short one. For me I have suffered the loss of some lovely old pets who I have been lucky enough to share many years with, my childhood dog was 15 when he passed over rainbow bridge and my own first dog a Doberman X Rottweiler  was an amazing 13 years old, when the difficult decision had to be made to allow him to die (my vet told me his bad heart would mean he wouldn’t live past 10)

 wpid-img_2229847916168442_wm.jpg wpid-217317_6137564231_2436_n_wm.jpg wpid-screenshot_2013-05-22-18-46-42_wm.jpg wpid-screenshot_2015-03-08-08-41-58_wm-1.jpg

On the flip side of this I have also lost pets far too soon. Three years ago we lost our beloved Diggory just days before he turned 9. Diggory was (if you should ever have a favourite) the best little dog I have ever had. I adored him and he me. Wherever I was in the house he would be by my side “glued to me”. When he was diagnosed with inoperable lung tumours I was totally devastated. Just ten short days later a 2am trip to the vets found me empty arms and empty hearted. Without my wonderful husband and the other pets in the house I think it would have taken my much longer to recover from this loss, still now over three years on, I cry freely when I think of this time. One the things that helped me cope the most with his passing was to write and hold a soul sending rite. Similar to a human funeral it helped give me closure, knowing that I had asked the God and Goddess to look after Diggory until I am able to join him again. That they would restore him to full health and allow him to enjoy his time at Rainbow Bridge (If you’ve not read this poem I would suggest finding a box of tissues first). Within the next twelve months we faced sadness again three more times. Our elderly cat Vinnie disappeared one night never to be seen again he was old and very frail by this point. Our Beautiful Maggie-Mae suffered with a misdiagnosed closed pyometra (I still blame myself for missing this and thinking she was pregnant). Her sister Suki-Su was unable to live without her and died of a broken heart just six weeks later.

It seemed for a while all I did was write and perform Soul sending rites, grieve for lost babies and snuggle the ones still in my life. I had never written anything like a soul sending rite before, so leant heavily on research from various websites and books that I had in my wiccan/pagan collection, My mentor at the time was an amazing help and guided me wonderfully through this difficult time. I’m not the most eloquent wordsmith and tend to ramble (you’d never know lol) so using a framework of a tried and tested ritual is something that helps. I was able to adapt and personalise my ritual and by adding other elements from myself and my research. The Soul sending I am going to share was held for Maggie-Mae outside in private woodland, where we had been granted permission to lay our girls to rest (please check as it is illegal to bury pets on public land in the UK and you must ask permission before enter private woodlands). My husband and I were joined by members of my then coven for each of these rites, the support and love they offered was wonderful. I acted as High Priestess (HPS) and my husband read the words of the Owner, other members all took turns in reading passages as well.  


After casting a circle and protecting our sacred space.  Everyone took a large handful of herb, seed and flower mix. We then walked as one around the grave scattering the mixture on the ground. This marked our circle, served as an offering to the woodland animals and any seeds that didn’t get eaten would hopefully grow and flower later in the year.

As a group – We call the Goddess and God to our circle to witness this blessing and ask that they offer protection, guidance and love to our friend as she travels over the Rainbow Bridge.  We ask to be surrounded in a circle of divine light, for our hearts and souls filled with divine love.

HPS – We ask for comfort and strength from the highest planes as we pay tribute to this our beloved pet who walked the earth with nothing but love and trust in her heart. Be with us now great mother as we remember the one who is with you now. Let this circle be our sacred container in which to remember and help our hearts know what our minds can not fully understand, that death is but a gateway back into the circle of greater love.

Circle Member Reading:

“Mother of All, Creator
Father of Life, Bringer of Death
Undines, Fire Elementals, Fairies and Sprites,
Heed the words of these children of the light.
We come before you to ask that you aid the way of one who has crossed over.
Make her transition to the next level safe, easy, and pain free”

Light candle on grave.

Owner: The name of the one who has walked through the veil and journeyed on that ancient path is, Maggie-Mae. She was the sweetest little soul, filled with love and trust.

Everybody place their flowers on the grave around the candle. I had some pebbles with words such as “joy, love, gift, remember, hope, smile………” and placed them in a small basket by the grave. Each member of the circle took a stone from the basket and said something about Maggie referencing the word on the stone. These stones were then placed with care onto Maggie’s grave.

Take a few minutes (about 13 heartbeats) and HPS say the following;

Time has passed, the wheel has turned. It is time for Maggie to move on. You will walk beside the Lord and Lady and with your ancestors who came before you. Great Mother, welcome Maggie-Mae back into your womb.

Circle member:
Divine Spirit of all living things
Come to escort this beloved companion of _______and ________
Across the Rainbow Bridge,
Assign her a place of honour as she was truly was a faithful and beloved pet.

HPS: Those of us left behind shall indeed mourn her death, but we shall also know that her Soul and Spirit has returned to our Holy Mother and Holy Father, and that she shall be made whole and pain free again. We shall cry, but we shall also laugh, for we shall celebrate the Life that had been given to Maggie-Mae, that we were honoured to share.

Personal readings by coven members or family and freinds in your pets memory

Circle member:  We ask of the Mother to cleanse our hearts of the pain of this loss, after we have mourned the loss of a physical connection and grieved. We ask that she help us to remember that the Circle of Life, Death, and Rebirth continues. We ask the Father to aid us in learning the lessons of love on all levels and of life at this painful time. We implore him to teach us strength, so we may meet our own passing with dignity and acceptance and understanding.

Owner: Yet let us be content in the knowledge that, this candle represent the flame of Maggie’s life, and though this candles flame shall die out, we know that Maggie shall live on, and her flame shall never cease to burn.

While the candle continues to burn, sit and visualize them stepping up to a beautiful portal and turning to see you. “See” their astral essence moving on to all the etheric levels, as we are all meant to do. If need be for yourself you can communicate with them at this time. Tell them all you need to say, and LISTEN to what they may tell you. Wish them Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Tell them that you release their spirit and will not hold them back, bound to this earthly plane by your need to keep them here with you. Then Kiss them or hug them, and allow them to enter the lighted gate that opens to the Summerland.

HPS: “All that has gone on here today for Maggie-Mae and those who loved her, was done in love, trust, respect and honour. Thank you Goddess and God for your intercession and understanding. We release any ties we have that may bind her spirit to this physical world and look forward to our seeing each other again when we too are called home.

This is our will and so mote it be.

Close the circle


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