Lost Souls Skull Shawl


One of my favourite pastimes is crochet. I love spending time curled up in my arm chair with my furbabies hooking up some wooley yumminess. This time of year is just perfect for staying indoors and focusing on some stress relieving crochet. I had seen a picture on pinterest of a shawl made up of skulls and just knew I needed to make one for myself. I found the pattern for free (always a nice surprise) on Raverly which if you don’t use is it a great website for knitters and crocheters.  Continue reading


Black Salt

A few months back I made up a batch of Black Salt. Salt is great for protection work, but Black Salt is superb for protection and banishment. I researched a few different methods of making Black Salt and settled on my own list of ingredients and a super easy method.

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Happiness Spell

Earlier this month I helped a friend create a new start/happiness spell for herself. Lots of things have changed for her over the last few weeks and she wanted to be able to move away from the past and have a brighter future to aim for, which would allow her to be open to new friendships and possibly a new love but mostly to become happy with who she is as a person, to accept and learn to love herself.  Continue reading

Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

Everyday at school we hold 20 minutes DEAR time. I work with highschool students and you would be amazed at how many of them just don’t read, don’t enjoy reading and don’t own any books of their own! I love reading always have and I hope I always will. I try and read books at school that will raise an interest in the students, some are just plain silly, some are childrens books (to show them that you can be any age to appreciate a well written book) and others might be recent films or popular TV shows. The point of this post is because I wanted to share this book I have just found (and ordered)363c9af9d1f61d5274d2e311af5b67f8

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Celebrating Samhain

      On the eve of Samhain I celebrated the sabbat and honoured my ancestors in ritual. I am enjoying working as a solitary more and more each time. There is something about creating your own circle and connecting with the divine alone that is immensely empowering. I have moved away from large elaborate altar decorations for each sabbat and instead chose to add a few autumnal leaves, some acorns and my ceramic gourds along with the candle I created to honour my Nanna. I added a few new photos to my ancestor altar of mine and my husbands relations.

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Treating myself

Four years ago, just after our handfasting and 10 year wedding anniversary. I got my fourth tattoo, a heart and the infinity symbol on my wrist.

For me this stood for the eternal love I have for my husband, I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life, he is so supportive of everything I want to do, every mad plan I have and crazy idea. Don’t get me wrong life isn’t always a bed of roses, but I can honestly say that I can count the times we have argued over the last 14 years on one hand. o-HEART-facebookMaybe it’s something to do with us both being in difficult first marriages and this makes us really appreciate what we have found in each other, maybe we are just two halves of the same soul? Continue reading

Life with Magpie

10601246_10153051345480958_1832647575_nHonestly sometimes I think I share my home with a herd of baby elephants, mostly they live upstairs and enjoy running up and down the hallway, from room to room before crashing down the stairs and transforming into a large black and white kitten. Who will then with a massive burst of energy hurl himself around the lounge at full speed, often not touching the floor but using furniture, dogs, myself or my husband as a launching pad.  Said kitten normally has a household item treasure clasped firmly in his jaws. The bath plug and my phone charger seems to be his favourite item to “lift” at the moment, but he ins’t too fussy and will steal anything from pens to slippers as long as he can carry it and run at the same time it’s his to take. I find hoards of small sparkly items tucked under the cushion in the dog basket, hidden under our bed and smuggled away behind the sofa. Hair elastics are something he just can’t pass up they are everywhere around our house I can’t understand where he steals them from as I always put mine back in a little draw when I take them out of my hair. Continue reading