Life with Magpie

10601246_10153051345480958_1832647575_nHonestly sometimes I think I share my home with a herd of baby elephants, mostly they live upstairs and enjoy running up and down the hallway, from room to room before crashing down the stairs and transforming into a large black and white kitten. Who will then with a massive burst of energy hurl himself around the lounge at full speed, often not touching the floor but using furniture, dogs, myself or my husband as a launching pad.  Said kitten normally has a household item treasure clasped firmly in his jaws. The bath plug and my phone charger seems to be his favourite item to “lift” at the moment, but he ins’t too fussy and will steal anything from pens to slippers as long as he can carry it and run at the same time it’s his to take. I find hoards of small sparkly items tucked under the cushion in the dog basket, hidden under our bed and smuggled away behind the sofa. Hair elastics are something he just can’t pass up they are everywhere around our house I can’t understand where he steals them from as I always put mine back in a little draw when I take them out of my hair.20150924_223801 I mulled over this kittens name for some time before finally settling on the name Magpie. Chosen because of his black and white colouring but somehow strangely befitting of his love of pilfering anything and everything he can. Often called”Man Cat” or  “Pie” but never Mag or Maggie, he is the cheekiest little cat I know. We jokingly say he is more dog that cat, he doesn’t get on well with my older feline girls, they hiss and lash out at him whenever he come into sight, mainly to deter the expected body slam of love he is so desperate to give them both (hopefully this is just his youthful exuberance and once he settles down they won’t mind him so much). Instead he chooses to spend his time with our spaniels Gracie and Bella. He sleeps with them in their basket during the day when I’m at work and happily curls up purring like a little motorbike with Bella each evening on my lap while I crochet (which is easier said than done with a 6 month old kitten trying to help you). IMG_20150818_214132Dog toys are also something he enjoys, he can often be seen dragging one of Gracie’s teddy bears off to his bed for a cuddle most of them are much bigger than him but this doesn’t stop him. He will chase and fetch a ball preferring tennis balls as these can he can pick up with ease. Being the man of the house means he needs to patrol the garden boundaries several times each evening, between each patrol he will come in to watch some TV, have a lap snuggle or a quick game of “Cat Alone” on my tablet.

IMG_20150814_143953He enjoys being outside and playing in the garden but only in short bursts, he is very much the lazy house cat I have always wanted and by the looks and size of him at just 6 months I think he will be a big lazy house cat. Magpie loves to sleep, and he isn’t picky about where he snoozes, it might me a wool basket, my current crochet project, the dining table, the dogs bed, our bed or stretched out to his full length across the middle of the lounge carpet waiting to trip someone up. Visiting dogs are in complete awe of him as he has no fear of them. My friends two cat chasing terriers are utterly confused by the kitten that walks straight up to them and then flicks his tail in their faces. Another friends dog, a tiny Yorkie cross called Mindy is fascinated by him and will follow him about the house too afraid to get too close but desperate to have some form of contact. He is overall the best cat we have ever had the pleasure of sharing our lives with, this happy little bundle is so full of love for everyone around him he just wants the world to love him back. IMG_20150813_181435We are extremely lucky to have him in our family., the funny thing is, he wasn’t the kitten I wanted or the kitten I chose. When I went to the Cats home in June I chose a tiny little black kitten and named him Binx. I saw Magpie and his litter mates there and although thought they were very sweet I had my heart set on another black kitten. Sadly Binx and his brother became very ill before I was able to take him home. The Cats home although happy for me to wait and see how Binx recovered didn’t want me to become attached to a kitten that might not pull through, so they asked me to come and have a look at another male kitten that was a similar age and available to come home with me almost straight away. I drove up with the dogs to meet him that evening and was taken with how bravely this tiny 9 week old kitten faced my happy cocker spaniels, the following Sunday he moved in with us and I now can’t remember what our home was like before Magpie. It must have been very calm and quiet I think 😉

Hecataine x



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