Treating myself

Four years ago, just after our handfasting and 10 year wedding anniversary. I got my fourth tattoo, a heart and the infinity symbol on my wrist.

For me this stood for the eternal love I have for my husband, I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life, he is so supportive of everything I want to do, every mad plan I have and crazy idea. Don’t get me wrong life isn’t always a bed of roses, but I can honestly say that I can count the times we have argued over the last 14 years on one hand. o-HEART-facebookMaybe it’s something to do with us both being in difficult first marriages and this makes us really appreciate what we have found in each other, maybe we are just two halves of the same soul?

Sadly the I got quiet a bad infection under the scab of the tattoo as it was healing. This caused some bad scaring and aIMG_20151027_144612 lot of colour loss. For almost as long as I have had the tattoo I have wanted to get it redone but just never got around to it. Last week during half term (I work in a high school) I finally got it totally redone and had a little extra added for myself. On each finger I have had three small dots up near the nail bed these symbolism IMG_20151027_191610“The Goddess, the God and Myself” my path to the Divine. As well as these little dots I have had a waning moon put on the ring finger of my goddess (right) hand.  I’m very tempted to have a sun placed on my God hand in a few weeks and am already planning an extension to the tat I have on my back. possibly a peacock feather or a fox……or a fox with a peacock tail????? to many ideas not enough pennies!

Hecataine x





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