Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

Everyday at school we hold 20 minutes DEAR time. I work with highschool students and you would be amazed at how many of them just don’t read, don’t enjoy reading and don’t own any books of their own! I love reading always have and I hope I always will. I try and read books at school that will raise an interest in the students, some are just plain silly, some are childrens books (to show them that you can be any age to appreciate a well written book) and others might be recent films or popular TV shows. The point of this post is because I wanted to share this book I have just found (and ordered)363c9af9d1f61d5274d2e311af5b67f8

I’m quite looking forward to it arriving as it’s had really good reviews, and I know when the students see my “What Mrs Lumpkin is reading” sign it will most definitely cause a stir! b7c0a90a2dc8bec47fb5ecbe32a74811 Hecataine x


One thought on “Drop Everything And Read (DEAR)

  1. I need this book! I do notice that those older children who do not like to read, love to be read to! I’ve always volunteered my time at the school library, they have no idea how to pronounce my last name, but that’s okay because they gave me a new one, The Lady of the Voices. So glad I have something to share and their silence and far off gazes are a treasure!


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