Happiness Spell

Earlier this month I helped a friend create a new start/happiness spell for herself. Lots of things have changed for her over the last few weeks and she wanted to be able to move away from the past and have a brighter future to aim for, which would allow her to be open to new friendships and possibly a new love but mostly to become happy with who she is as a person, to accept and learn to love herself. 

We spent some time talking about what she wanted for herself and came up with a few definitive words such as: self esteem, happiness, balance,  friendship, hope. We settled on 7 words/phrases that she wanted her spell to help her manifest. I then got her to look through “Cunningham’s Magical Herbs” to chose the herbs we might use. After settling on 13 ingredients that represented the 7 words she had chosen, I let her loose on my herb cabinet to select what she needed.

While my friend sorted through my herb collection I wrote a blessing for her to read out and gathered up some other items we would need. Before adding any of the ingredients to the spell bottle I showed her how to cleanse the bottle and explained the reason this was done. Then as each of the ingredients were added their magickal properties linked to my friends requirements were spoken out aloud.

Before the bottle was sealed I added three items of my own choice to the bottle, for friendship, strength and love. I then instructed my friend to take a deep breath and hold this while she thought of all the things she hoped to achieve with this spell. When she could hold the breath no more she should breath out, into the spell jar and cork it immediately.


The bottle then had ribbons for positivity, love, bright future and strength tied around the neck and it was all sealed with orange wax.  The following night was a new moon so this would be the perfect night to activate and bless her spell. Along with instructions of how to activate her spell  I gave her the blessing I had written and an orange spell candle to burn.

Hoping for a beautiful Bright Sparkly Future for my lovely friend x

Hecataine x


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