Black Salt

A few months back I made up a batch of Black Salt. Salt is great for protection work, but Black Salt is superb for protection and banishment. I researched a few different methods of making Black Salt and settled on my own list of ingredients and a super easy method.



  • Pestle and mortar (I use a marble one as I can get a really smooth grind with it)
  • Glass Storage Jar
  • Glass mixing bowl/jug
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Rock Salt
  • 10 Charcoal discs
  • 2 large spoons of Beltaine Ash
  • Ash from some Hecate Incense

All ingredients quantities are approx as it depends on how much Black Salt is required.


20150712_125143Basically the only methods you need for this is grinding and mixing, what could be simpler?  I ground all the ingredients (except the Rock Salt) into fine power. I did start out just using just four disks but I didn’t think this looked enough once crushed, so I  decided to just use the whole packet.  Once I was happy with how fine all of my ingredients looked it was a simple case of mixing everything together (don’t forget to add a little kitten hair to the mixture if you are lucky enough to have some handy).  Magpie was at 12 weeks already showing a great interest in any magical workings, whether this was normal kitten curiosity or the first signs of him being my familiar only time will tell.

Once everything was thoroughly mixed together I blessed the mixed and placed it in an air and moisture tight glass jar to keep until required.

20150715_222633My main reason for making this batch of black salt was to use in a banishing ritual. I used it to cast a visual salt circle on the floor in my altar room and then after the ritual dug a hole in my back garden where I buried the left over spell remnants which were covered with a good amount of the black salt.

Hecataine x


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