Preparing for Yule

I Love this time of year!


For a while before I found my Witchy path I lost the love of Christmas. I think as an adult the sparkle had gone out of if for me. We (my husband and I) have no children together so Christmas had been a very adult affair since we moved away from my family. In 2006 when we relocated to the Isle of Wight we had everything in storage for 14 weeks+ this included all my decorations. Neither of us were in a very good place at the time so we cancelled Christmas……. no decs….. no presents no nuffin’ (poor grammar I know but that’s the mood we were in).

 The following year settled in a new home I just couldn’t seem to find the sparkle I loved so much about the season. The tree came out and the decs went up but there was something missing.

Almost ready to give up on the festivites all together I stumbled across JYC being an avid scrapbooker at the time this was just what I needed. Over the next four years I created some of my favourite scrapbooks. I changed from JYC to JOY (Journal Our Yule) once I became Pagan but continued the whole idea for a few more years. I most certainly found my festive sparkle during this creative process.

Although I no longer scrapbook I still enjoy the photography side of journaling the festive season.  I’m loving all the images and links that are coming through my pinterest feed at the moment, my festival sparkle is growing  by the day and I’m waiting very impatiently for my new Yule tree to be delivered, so that I can start decorating the house ready for Magpie to destroy 😉 My Yule ritual plan is well underway seasonal activities start this coming weekend with Bloodstone’s attendance at Shanklin’s Festival of Christmas.

Hecataine x


4 thoughts on “Preparing for Yule

  1. Love this post, I too have felt this way and I love your honesty so many try to put a brave face on this time of year and it is not always happy for all. Although I am so glad you have found the sparkle and joy again for this time of year.


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