Bringing in the woodland and off out partying.


Its been a busy month already and I still have so much planned! I have been busy revamping all my Yule dec’s and have also this year bought a new tree (that I’m still waiting to take delivery of) It’s a twig style tree with lights along each branch and made to look like a silver birch. I’m quite excited about it arriving as I have made a whole load of new hanging decorations and haven’t had a new big tree in a very long time.

I have also spent some time revamping my oldest and smallest tree. It started life as a small (2ft) wicker vine cone from a local garden centre. For the last ten years it has looked pretty much the same, red berry lights with a red maple leaf garland. so many of the maple leaves have fallen off over the years it had started to look more than a little neglected. So this year it was time for a new look. I went for a woodland look with berries, mushrooms/toadstools, fir-cones and stars. I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I just hope the lights don’t fail on it as everything is pretty much glued in place and this is how I plan to leave it now for many more years!

Every year since we first met Trav has bought me a star for our tree I have 13 now. every one is different and beautiful in their own way. some of my favourites are the first ones he got at work as part of a Christmas charity drive.  I believe my star arrived yesterday but as yet I haven’t seen it on the tree so maybe my lovely man is waiting until Yule to hang it.


James Bond Charity Night  :  Works Xmas Party     : Towrags Xmas Party
(making the most of that red dress!!!)

I’m off out tonight and tomorrow night. This will make four weekends on the trot that I’ve been out partying. This is most unusual for me I’m a homebird enjoying nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa with the dogs and Magpie. However I’m feeling really good about life in general at the moment so am making the most of this my first good winter in 4 years.

I hope you have a wonderfully festive time over the new two weeks and enjoy whatever it is you chose to celebrate. Personally I will be spending time with my lovely man, my friends and seeing out 2015 with a bang!

with love

Hecatine x


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