My Charity Challenge

For those of you that read this and know me in real life or follow me on IG you will already know that I have set myself a challenge this year to raise £500 for charity by using my creative skills.

The following is what I have posted on facebook and explains what I’m doing and why. Continue reading


Update on Franken’kitty


My poor little Magpie aka “Franken’kitty” He’s really going through things at the moment. We took him back to the vets a week ago and this was the last time we got to see him. The infection had really taken hold in the wound area causing all the skin around the stitches to break down. this meant the original stitches needed to be removed they had to then remove all the damaged skin and he has been kept in a sterile environment while the infection heals. Continue reading

What a week!


screenshot_2015-12-20-23-53-05-1.pngLast Friday started the worst week in our lives for a long while. I returned home in the evening to find my poor little Magpie laying beside our bed with a massive open wound on his side (I’m just going to say the wound was so large my hand wouldn’t cover it!). Because of the size of the wound my first thought was he had to be dead. However he lifted his little head as I called out to him (more of a panicked screech)  and he reached out to me with his paw. We made the journey to the next town (where our 24hr vets is based in record time. The whole while he lay in my arms purring and reaching out with his paws to touch both my husbands hands and mind in turn. It seemed to take forever to get to the vets and then wait out in the rain for them to answer the doorbell. Once inside he was whisked away into the back treatment room and we were left to go home with empty arms. Knowing he would be staying in over night and was in the best place didn’t help me stop worrying. He’s my baby boy and he should have been at home sleeping on my lap.  Continue reading

Yule Ritual (belated post) 2015

_MG_9407I took a break from blogging over the holidays so thought it was about time I posted about my little Yule ritual. I was joined by a friend who was staying at ours for the weekend and has an interest in how I celebrate the sabbats. This was the first year I created a Yule log and I have to say I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I lit the candles as part of my ritual and then took the log downstairs to grace our dining room table for the rest of Yule. Continue reading