Yule Ritual (belated post) 2015

_MG_9407I took a break from blogging over the holidays so thought it was about time I posted about my little Yule ritual. I was joined by a friend who was staying at ours for the weekend and has an interest in how I celebrate the sabbats. This was the first year I created a Yule log and I have to say I was quite pleased with how it turned out. I lit the candles as part of my ritual and then took the log downstairs to grace our dining room table for the rest of Yule.

Starting with my room in darkness we lit the candles around the cauldron before lighting the flame within and inviting the sun back into our lives. I discarded anything that from the last 12 months that no longer honours me into the sacred flames. We then continued by lighting all the candles and lamps in the room while I read the story of the battle between the Holly and Oak King.

_MG_9422The yellow envelopes you can see in the photo  are something I do each year, inside them is a card on which I write all my plans and ideas for the coming year. I stick these in my BOS after wards, so I can look back at them and remind myself of all my mad ideas. We made offerings of thanks to the God and Goddess before closing our ritual. Afterwards we  sat quietly together chatting and enjoying a glass of wine while watching the dancing flames inside the cauldron. _MG_9423

I hope you all had a wonderfully relaxing festive season.

Hecataine x


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