What a week!


screenshot_2015-12-20-23-53-05-1.pngLast Friday started the worst week in our lives for a long while. I returned home in the evening to find my poor little Magpie laying beside our bed with a massive open wound on his side (I’m just going to say the wound was so large my hand wouldn’t cover it!). Because of the size of the wound my first thought was he had to be dead. However he lifted his little head as I called out to him (more of a panicked screech)  and he reached out to me with his paw. We made the journey to the next town (where our 24hr vets is based in record time. The whole while he lay in my arms purring and reaching out with his paws to touch both my husbands hands and mind in turn. It seemed to take forever to get to the vets and then wait out in the rain for them to answer the doorbell. Once inside he was whisked away into the back treatment room and we were left to go home with empty arms. Knowing he would be staying in over night and was in the best place didn’t help me stop worrying. He’s my baby boy and he should have been at home sleeping on my lap. 

We were asked to go and collect him Saturday morning and return on Monday for a check up. The initial few days at home went smoothly, he took his medication perfectly and seems happy and content to just lay about the house purring loudly when either of us checked on him. He was eating well and enjoying being spoilt with fresh chicken and fishy pieces.

Mondays appointment at the vets seemed to be a turning point. He had a raised temperature and was showing signs of swelling under the wound site. On Wednesday morning the wound was weeping badly and the stitches had started to come apart. I rushed him down tot he local vets. His wound was cleaned and stapled back up leaving a drain area. He was given extra med’s and I was shown how to flush the wound through twice a day. The following morning things were just getting worse and worse. The skin around the staples had totally broken down and the whole bottom part of the wound had reopened and was weeping again.2015-11-07-23.17.38.jpg.jpg Trav drove him straight to the Pet hospital in town, where he was admitted and where he will stay for at least another four days. It seems the wound was hiding a deep infection that was stronger than all the antibiotics my little man was having pumped into him. This new vet also seems to think that the incident on Friday that started it all is a dog bite! Not what we all initially thought which was he had been stuck under some form of fencing and ripped his skin as he escaped.

So at present he is laying in a sterile pod at the vets with a huge open wound in his side waiting for the infection to be under-control enough so he can be stitched back up. Once we get him home (hopefully Tuesday) he will be on cage arrest for at least four weeks (longer if needed) The lovely ladies at IOW cats Protection are loaning us a large recovery cage that he can stand in but he can’t climb or jump up whilst in it. During his recovery period the lovely hubby and I plan to build a large cat enclosure outside the back of our house. Magpie and the girls are from this moment HOUSE CATS!

Please Keep Pie in your thoughts and prayers for the next few days I am missing my baby terribly and can’t wait to have him home again.

Hecatine x


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