Update on Franken’kitty


My poor little Magpie aka “Franken’kitty” He’s really going through things at the moment. We took him back to the vets a week ago and this was the last time we got to see him. The infection had really taken hold in the wound area causing all the skin around the stitches to break down. this meant the original stitches needed to be removed they had to then remove all the damaged skin and he has been kept in a sterile environment while the infection heals. 20160109_093918Once this has happened and we are looking at another three weeks for the skin to make a full recovery then we can look to close the wound which is now a lot larger than it was originally. To do this Magpie will have to have a skin graft, this will entail removing an area of skin from his left side and using that to seal the wound. He really will look like Frankenstein’s kitten then! After this surgery we should be able to have him home to live in a recovery crate for upto 10 weeks (that will be fun when he starts to feel better) He will be allowed out of the recovery crate only in the evenings to sit in a travel cage next to us on the sofa. This may sound really strict but the normal movements of a cat climbing the stairs, getting onto the table and sofa will all be pulling at the area we need to heal. So full restrictions will be adhered to by both myself, Trav and Magpie!


I’m hoping that he can come home for a few days next week but in the mean time I know he is safe at the vets and is getting plenty of fuss as the staff there can’t get over what a lovely friendly little fellow he is. Its just me that’s finding missing him so immense.20160110_102410

Please keep him in your prayers

Hecatine x


4 thoughts on “Update on Franken’kitty

  1. Aww poor Magpie he has a long recovery process to go. I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Big hugs to you too as it must be so hard for you all. Xx

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