My Charity Challenge

For those of you that read this and know me in real life or follow me on IG you will already know that I have set myself a challenge this year to raise £500 for charity by using my creative skills.

The following is what I have posted on facebook and explains what I’m doing and why. runningdog256x129.png261cd6b2-059e-44ba-bb38-6debaabcc5abLarge

Last year I suffered quite badly with depression. During my recovery from this illness I focused on my crochet hobby to keep my mind and hands busy during my dark days. This year as a thank you to my husband, friends and my pets for supporting me, I have made a promise to myself to raise at least £500 by selling my handcrafted items.  This money will be donated equally to five charities that are close to my heart.

Here’s where you can help. I’m planning on making small items such as brooches, keyring tags, and bracelets throughout the year and then hopefully a large crochet bedspread that I will raffle off towards the winter. Please help me by purchasing one, two or more of my items and when the time comes a raffle ticket. Half of all the money I take will go towards more crafting supplies and the other half will be donated to the following charities.

As well as being able to buy my creations at The Island branch of the Cats Protection they can also be purchased or commissioned on my Facebook page.


Hecataine x

Edit- by the end of 2016 I had raised and donated £801.00 to my chosen charities.



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