Spooky Happenings

I thought I would share something with you that¬†happened a while back in our home. Ever since we first looked around our house before we even moved in, I’ve had an odd feeling about the smallest bedroom at the front of the house. Friends who have visited have also reported feeling “off” or thought they were being “watched” when using the stairs or walking along the upstairs corridor.
The room was totally cleansed before we moved anything in there and I smudged with white sage more times than I can remember the first year we lived there. As we use the room as a walk in wardrobe we tried keeping the door shut as often as possible. This however just escalated the strangeness. Continue reading


Imbolc blessings

I’m holding a quiet personal ritual this evening to celebrate Imbolc and to thank the God and Goddess for watching over magpie these last few weeks.¬†6649128ca807ad49d3738e3ee10e5d33I wish you all the best in however you plan to celebrate

with love

Hecataine x