Spooky Happenings

I thought I would share something with you that happened a while back in our home. Ever since we first looked around our house before we even moved in, I’ve had an odd feeling about the smallest bedroom at the front of the house. Friends who have visited have also reported feeling “off” or thought they were being “watched” when using the stairs or walking along the upstairs corridor.
The room was totally cleansed before we moved anything in there and I smudged with white sage more times than I can remember the first year we lived there. As we use the room as a walk in wardrobe we tried keeping the door shut as often as possible. This however just escalated the strangeness.

As well as clothing this room was where the phone line came into the house and where the internet router was. In the first 18 months 8 routers failed, they would just stop working. The light bulb in this room needed replacing at least once a month and it was always cold, even on days when the sun was shining brightly through the window. In the first few months of 2015 things really started to come to a head. We had just bought and installed our ninth router, I kept having feeling that someone was standing at the bottom of the bed watching us sleep. A friends son swears he heard someone say something to him when he was the only person in the house. The door to the room was open every time I went up stairs and I know I had shut it properly beforehand.

I tried many different methods of clearing the room, from smudging to hanging protection charms, talking to whoever or whatever was there. But nothing seemed to work. So as a last resort I decided that I needed to complete a banishing ritual. At the time I was part of a small circle of witches who regularly attended rituals and craft nights hosted by myself. I asked the members of this circle to join me in this ritual to add their power and energy to my own. I set up two altars one in my “then” altar room and another in the problem room. Both rooms were thoroughly smudged and blessed then using the black salt I had made earlier (blog post here) I created a visual protective barrier that extended out of the altar room along the corridor, around the floor space of the small room and then back to the altar room. This way I knew that any movement between the two rooms would remain within the safety of my protective circle.

The ritual took place across both rooms with readings, requests and energy being raised and then released into the hands of the Goddess. Once we had completed the ritual we took some time to discuss what each of us had felt, we were all pretty much in agreement that the spirit/energy of a young man had moved on from my home. We then agreed to not discuss this again in my home, so as to not “feed” any possible remaining energy and thus invite him back. The circle was then opened and everyone moved downstairs for refreshments. I sealed both rooms for 24 hours and the following day, opened the windows and cleaned them both thoroughly.


I can report that eight months on I haven’t had to change the light bulb in that room once and we are still using our ninth router. I no longer feel that there is someone watching me when I am alone in the house and we are able to leave the door of the “small” room open all the time 🙂 I can happily say this was a very successful ritual!

Hecatine x


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