Ostara Ritual 2016

I celebrated Ostara on Sunday, like many others in the northern hemisphere. But unlike many I went out with my Morris Dancing family to Dance in the Spring! I’ve been a member of Bloodstone border morris since 2011, but over the last 7 months or so I have been able to devote more time and energy to the team and have taken on the role of “Bagman” (I take the bookings for the team) I love spending time with my morris family and am really looking forward to our summer season filled with dancing, camping and plenty of fun!


 Later once we had returned home and my “war paint” had been removed I went upstairs to my witch room to celebrate the sabbat in ritual.  Continue reading


Blessed Ostara

I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. I was out and about enjoying the chilly sea air for most of the day and then in personal ritual in the evening. I’ll post about my ritual tomorrow so check back if you want to see what I got up to. 914a2c7e955060277abd2edb5852820e

Blessings Hecataine x

(artwork found on Pinterest)

Earth Hour

Saturday at 8.30pm people across the world turned out all the lights and switched off all un-necessary electrical appliances for one hour. People around the world joined together for Earth Hour  in an attempt to spead the word and to help save the planet!

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Mini Travel Altar

Something I made a while ago was a mini travel altar. I miss the peace my witch room brings me so much when I travel over to the mainland to visit my family. So I thought if I could carry a small part of it with me it would help me to concentrate better when I meditate in a house with different noises, smells and feelings. As we normally travel with two dogs and all the paraphernalia that entails we don’t have much spare room n the car. My travel altar needed to be small but focused.  Continue reading

Magpie Update

Magpie has made a fabulous recovery and  other than a patch of short fur you wopuld hardly know he was so close to death a few weeks ago. He is still very weary of strange dogs and will take himself to a counter top or the back of my arm chair for safety, while showing them a large fluffy tail. The thunder shirt that we were so kindly gifted by our local Cats protection center was a massive help once the bandages were removed, It gave Magpie the freedom of not having to wear the cone of shame as he couldn’t access the wound to pick at the stitches. He did however at times forget how to “cat” and could be found laying upside down with all four legs ramrod straight up in the air.

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