Magpie Update

Magpie has made a fabulous recovery and  other than a patch of short fur you wopuld hardly know he was so close to death a few weeks ago. He is still very weary of strange dogs and will take himself to a counter top or the back of my arm chair for safety, while showing them a large fluffy tail. The thunder shirt that we were so kindly gifted by our local Cats protection center was a massive help once the bandages were removed, It gave Magpie the freedom of not having to wear the cone of shame as he couldn’t access the wound to pick at the stitches. He did however at times forget how to “cat” and could be found laying upside down with all four legs ramrod straight up in the air.

He still isn’t being allowed outside as I’m so afraid something awful might happen to him again, at the moment he doesn’t seem too fussed with this decision. He’s happy to sit at the window and watch the world go by in the warm. I think this might change when the weather picks up and he wants to go out exploring again, but I’m hoping by then we will have our catio (a patio for cats) built and ready for all three of our CP babies to use. We have grand plans for this enclosure which include a large climbing branch, multi level shelving, tunnels and walkways to different parts of the garden, hidey holes and a large bed or grass for chewing and sleeping on. I’ve been researching catios and some of them are awesome!

Along with all this outdoor fun we will be adding a large climbing tree inside the house a carpet wall and some high level shelving with hidden bed boxes. I’m pretty sure all three cats are going to enjoy these new items of cat furniture which should make them happy indoor only cats.

 This smug little kitty I’m happy to say is all healed and purrrrrfect once more 🙂 20160224_190544

H x


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