Mini Travel Altar

Something I made a while ago was a mini travel altar. I miss the peace my witch room brings me so much when I travel over to the mainland to visit my family. So I thought if I could carry a small part of it with me it would help me to concentrate better when I meditate in a house with different noises, smells and feelings. As we normally travel with two dogs and all the paraphernalia that entails we don’t have much spare room n the car. My travel altar needed to be small but focused. 

I looked about pinterest for some inspiration and found these lovely examples that others had created.

links : 1st Image : 2nd Image : 3rd Image : 4th Image

I love how tiny and perfect these travel altars are. So the search was on for one of these tins. Altoids aren’t easy to find in the UK so it was a real struggle to find a small tin that would be right. after a few weeks I happened across a pack of 5 blank tins in a craft shop, I didn’t really need 5 but thought it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

This is what I created

 The items inside my altar are just the basics something to represent each of the elements, the God and Goddess and a small bottle of water from the white well in Glasonbury. The tiny pewter God and Goddess were an amazing find at a local crystal and fossil shop. They were glued to the top of pencils and just £1 each. Pasted inside the lid and the base of the tin are small copies of  pagan artwork that I like and the outside of the tin I covered with polymer clay which after baking I painted.


 For me it’s the perfect tiny travel companion.

Hecataine x


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