Ostara Ritual 2016

I celebrated Ostara on Sunday, like many others in the northern hemisphere. But unlike many I went out with my Morris Dancing family to Dance in the Spring! I’ve been a member of Bloodstone border morris since 2011, but over the last 7 months or so I have been able to devote more time and energy to the team and have taken on the role of “Bagman” (I take the bookings for the team) I love spending time with my morris family and am really looking forward to our summer season filled with dancing, camping and plenty of fun!


 Later once we had returned home and my “war paint” had been removed I went upstairs to my witch room to celebrate the sabbat in ritual. 

I had invited a close friend to join me for my ritual she has shown interest in what I do for the sabbats and although she has been following a pagan path for many years she has never looked into Wicca, attended a ritual or celebrated the sabbats before. You can see the bulbs that I planted during my unbinding ritual back in August are growing really well.

After casting my circle and inviting the elements to join us we read out blessings and gave an offerings for each of the elements. I had included some spell-work in my ritual as I always like to make something magickal in ritual time. The main spell was to weave a witches ladder, this charm was made to help support us on the journeys that we chose to take this year, and aid us to reach our goals and aspirations.

  • Green cords- self-awareness and health
  • Brown cords – focus and respect
  • White cords – Harmony and balance
  • Wooden beads – strength and growth
  • Blown egg – new beginnings

I also repeated a spell that I do every year at this time which involves making a promise to Gaia, growing some cress in an egg shell and then eating the cress to take the promise within yourself.

We finished our ritual with another favourite “Affirmation Eggs” I used this for the first time in 2013 and it something I know I will repeat each year at Ostara. My affirmation is always so relevant and I enjoy the preparation of these eggs.

I hope you all had a wonderful sabbat however you chose to celebrate.

Hecataine x


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