Reflective Magick – Return to Sender Spell

I’ve explained in a previous post that I’m not a love and light type of witch. I’m comfortable using darker magicks and willing to accept what this means should it come back on me. I only use dark magick as a last resort In my next few posts I’m going to explain some of the other routes I will go down first.

Reflective Magick : Someone is talking shit about you and you think they have sent  negative energy to you, your home or your loved ones.


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So…… You’re a White Witch.

How many times I’ve been asked told this amazes me! Walt Disney has a lot to answer for! I know it’s not just him, folktales for centuries have labeled witches as evil, bad, child eaters. Unless that is you are whats commonly called a white witch. Well no I’m not a white witch I’m a “Witch” witch. I may once have gone by the name WightWitch, but that was more to do with being a play on words and where I live than the type of witchcraft I practice.

Does that make me evil? No of course Not!! Although some may disagree I’m actually a really nice person who throws kindness about for no reason than to see others happy. 
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Glastonbury ’16

During the Easter holidays I took a trip with a couple of friends to Glastonbury for the day. I’ve been going there annually since 2011 and its one of my most favourite places to visit. The sights are magical and the shops are delightfully witchy.

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Earth Day 2016

Last year I planted Trees as part of the grassroots project for Earth Day.
This year I plan to plant a meadow garden at the front of my house (where nothing but weeds currently grow).

What are you planning?

Hecataine x