Glastonbury ’16

During the Easter holidays I took a trip with a couple of friends to Glastonbury for the day. I’ve been going there annually since 2011 and its one of my most favourite places to visit. The sights are magical and the shops are delightfully witchy.

I love to just spend the day roaming about with no time constraints or stresses of normal life. Our first stop was the Chalice well Gardens. Here we took the waters, explored the peaceful gardens (stretching our legs and minds after 3 hours in the car) and took some quiet time to ourselves. 20160405_113904

Personally I left a blessing of flowers, seeds and herbs for the God and Goddess scattered around the well itself, I sat in quiet prayer before hanging my pet blessing envelopes in a beautiful Magnolia tree that was in bloom. I surprised myself and managed to spend some time in the Chalice bath which is always freezing!!!

Afterwards we enjoyed an early lunch in a quaint little cafe opposite the Abbey before hitting the shops for a good spend up.

Some of my favourite shops are “The Goddess and the Greenman”, “Starchild” and “Elestial”. I also had the chance to have a good look about the market and treated myself to some lovely bits and pieces. We also got to witness The funeral of the Blackhorse, which was a protest against the last bank closing, It was all a little strange but then we were in Glastonbury and strange is quite normal there 😉

20160406_234713If you every get the chance for a visit I highly recommend you go. However don’t expect to see any run of the mill high-street shops as there aren’t any!

Hecataine x



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