So…… You’re a White Witch.

How many times I’ve been asked told this amazes me! Walt Disney has a lot to answer for! I know it’s not just him, folktales for centuries have labeled witches as evil, bad, child eaters. Unless that is you are whats commonly called a white witch. Well no I’m not a white witch I’m a “Witch” witch. I may once have gone by the name WightWitch, but that was more to do with being a play on words and where I live than the type of witchcraft I practice.

Does that make me evil? No of course Not!! Although some may disagree I’m actually a really nice person who throws kindness about for no reason than to see others happy. 

I use light and dark magick in equal measure. I understand that everything has an opposite and all life needs balance. I like the term Grey Witch and if I must be labelled I’d rather that than anything. I’m not a traditional Wiccan although that is how my Goddess path started, I no longer follow a purely Wicca path, instead I take influences for my rituals and spells from all sorts of different paths. I like to use “old magick” alongside my own ideas. I’m not averse to using blood magick and will if I feel its needed direct a hex (as a last resort) to someone who is trying to cause me pain or harm. I won’t however go out of my way to case harm to another living being, I will stand up for myself and I most certainly won’t take any shit of anyone else!


I was asked a genuine question on IG the other day, I will try and answer that question as honestly and clearly as I can below.

“How I felt about using curses/hexes? is there a difference? and would I be happy to hex or curse someone?” 
Hexing – Well my answer to that is, in part above. Hexing is something I have done and will do again if I feel it’s needed. It’s not by any means my first second or third choice of action, but if I’ve tried all I can and feel that someone is really bent on causing me or mine harm then a “short sharp shock” is for me what they need.

Cursing – I haven’t and hope I never need to be called to curse. I see this as something that really is an end point. Once you have done something so extreme, so dark you really are at risk of losing your humanity and compassion (this is only of course my opinion, but then this is my blog).

The difference between the two I see for me is clear.

To Hex is on a par with slapping someone “hard” across the face. Its a wake up call! Its a “whatever you are doing is wrong, you are hurting someone and you need to stop!” It shouldn’t cause lasting harm or pain. It should have a dramatic effect that makes the person being hexed change the way they are acting.

To Curse is more like a permanent “stab” into someones life. It’s done to cause sorrow or lasting pain to someone. To change their life and in some cases bring an end to it! Cursing comes from the darkest place within you, once you reach that deep into the darkness I believe that you will forever after have a dark stain upon your soul.


I good rule to live by is don’t piss off the witch! She might not be all Love and Light!

Hecataine x


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