Reflective Magick – Return to Sender Spell

I’ve explained in a previous post that I’m not a love and light type of witch. I’m comfortable using darker magicks and willing to accept what this means should it come back on me. I only use dark magick as a last resort In my next few posts I’m going to explain some of the other routes I will go down first.

Reflective Magick : Someone is talking shit about you and you think they have sent  negative energy to you, your home or your loved ones.


A simple spell is something I have done a few times and will always recommend to friends as something that can be done without having to go out shopping for anything. Most of us have a small mirror laying about the house somewhere, inside an old compact (ohhh I sound like my Nanna) a candle plate, a handbag mirror. Personally I always have a container of craft mirrors in my tool box. My favourite method is to make a small clay talisman and place the mirror in one side. On the reverse side of the mirror I will carve a simple sigil (created using the “Square of Saturn” or “Witch Wheel” methods) into the reverse side of the tailsman.

The clay is then baked and painted, cord and beads are added but not necessary. Then the talisman is blessed and charged for purpose (normally during a rite or sabbat ritual). I will write a specific chant to fit my requirements. For the talisman picture above I wanted any energy or negativitiy sent to me returned with love, so I stated this in my chant and used a heart shaped mirror. This isn’t always the case, sometimes I ask that the sender feels the full force of their words, deeds and actions. So that they know the pain they are causing.


Once charged hang the talisman (mirror facing outwards) on the most used entrance to your home and leave it to do it’s work.


To break this down to its most basic ingredients this is a small mirror placed to face outwards (by your front door) a sigil with protective meaning written on a piece of paper, folded and tucked underneath the mirror and a blessing to seal the deal. This is something most people could do after a quick search about their home.

Hecataine x


4 thoughts on “Reflective Magick – Return to Sender Spell

  1. Clay is fantastic and I’ve always wanted to use the actual wet stuff besides using broken pottery for various things. What kind do you use? My biggest problem with it is that real wet clay needs a kiln or one of those electric furnaces and they’re really expensive. I don’t really want to use polymer clays because they’re basically PVC and keeping them close to the skin for amulets and talismans might not be a really good idea.


    1. I do use Polymer clay as it’s clean and easy to use. Sadly I don’t have the space for a kiln and the Polymer can be baked in a domestic oven. Also as these talisman are designed to hang on a door or window I’m not too worried about them being PVC, as my door and window frames are also PVC 😉


  2. Thank you for this. I am the Love and Light variety of witch and I think this is a perfectly fine protection spell to adapt however you choose to use the energy. Again, thank you so much!


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