Cutting the Ties that Bind

  Not everything is made to last.
It’s a sad fact, but it’s true. People come and go from our lives as we change and grow. It’s a shame when this doesn’t happen amicably. It can be upsetting and sometimes harmful when things turn nasty. A while back I needed to separate myself from a friendship that had become very negative for me, I was suffering with a deep depression at the time and this relationship instead of helping me was dragging me down even deeper. After a few weeks I realised that I had to separate myself magickally as well as physically from this friendship as we were still linked on a metaphysical level. It had become clear to me that the time had come to be the hard faced bitch I was being made out to be. 


I decided I needed to create a spell to cut all ties between us, and allow us both the room to heal, I had no intention to cause any further pain but I refuse to lay down and be the only one in the wrong. I gathered up everything I had left that represented our friendship, some herbs and other items I would need. A small spell bottle we created together a few years back was placed in an envelope and smashed, I chanted over the remains and released the spell. I cut a photograph of the two of us in half to symbolically cut her from my life. The released spell and photo were burnt in a sacred flame while other items were placed in a spell bottle with three crystals and selected ingredients that had the following magickal properties; protection,  halting gossip and prevent words spoken by an evil tongue, to cleanse the wounds aid the healing caused by this friendship, return any negativity back to the sender to cleanse any bad feelings  banishment of negativity. To complete the spell I buried the ashes of my fire, the spell bottle and the remains of my spell candles. I scattered the grave generously with salt before filling the hole with fresh healthy compost, some gravel and three large cobble stones.

Ten months on, I’m happy, healthy and once more at peace with myself. My Goddess path is remains a solitary one, from time to time I meet up with other pagan friends to enjoy a magickal filled afternoon or evening, but on the whole I work alone and follow my heart, which is a happy one 🙂

Hecataine x


2 thoughts on “Cutting the Ties that Bind

  1. I find your honesty so courageous, good luck on your new journey, things have a funny way of unraveling to lead us where we should be on lifes path, you followed your intuition and did what what you felt was right, that takes guts and courage.

    Personally I have only ever visited Pagan moots and even those have can be difficult where other people and energies are concerned, I never fully understood the concept of covens, the controlling element mainly, nature is wild and free, bring and unite energies together yes, celebrate magic but don’t dictate what is and isn’t allowed to anyone keep them restrained like prisoners

    Well anyway I have just found you and your blog, I love your craftworks and the pebbles I adore, I may try this!

    I just wanted to add that, some friendships are like Foxgloves, absolutely beautiful but deadly poisonous! )0(


  2. I honestly know what you are going through at one point in my life I had cut ties with many friends and I took a lot of negativity from them. Before I found the wiccan path I had luck because once I decided I was done with a human being somehow the universe made sure I never ran into them again. It was or is weird. Now that I am practicing spells I am becoming more comfortable with myself for some odd reason. Thank you for sharing!


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