Beltaine Celebrations

I’m a little late in posting about my Beltaine celebrations but life has busy and I’m only now having the chance to play catch up with my blogging and crafting.
I spent a lovely long weekend with my Morrising family at Upton Folk Festival. We arrived uber early at the campsite on Friday morning because of this we were able to pick a brilliant area of the site for our team to set up camp in. We were right on the far edge of the campsite with a piece of common land behind us.

We had a weekend filled with dancing, music and of course a fair amount of beer drinking went on. As we were a small team I was pulled in to dance quite a few times, this didn’t stop me taking a staggering 2500 photos and 3 hours of video over the weekend.

Although the organisers of the festival had planned a mass dance and drumming session on Sunday morning, at an amazing view point. I chose to spend the rising of the Sun God in the quiet company of my dogs and a sleeping campsite. This is my first year celebrating Beltaine as a solitary witch. I wanted this to be a very private experience, a celebration unlike my Beltaines of the past which have always been very coven orientated.

When I woke to bird song (that sounded bizarrely  like an alarm going off inside the caravan) slipped out of bed, pulled on trainers and a hoodie over my Pj’s and managed to drag two very sleepy cocker spaniels out from under their blankets. It was already dawn when I reached the ridge where I planned to watch the sun rise, but mother moon was still  high above me in the sky. I stood for over an hour and watched the sunrise in the peace of a sleeping campsite.


On my walk back to our caravan I stopped and gathered three twigs of Hawthorn (also called May) This I later wound with thread while making my wishes for the year. I also started my Summer memories jar and left offering for the God and Goddess.


I hope you had a wonderful Beltaine whatever you chose to do.

Hecataine x


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