Go Wild in June!

I’ve signed up for the #30dayswild challenge with The Wildlife Trusts.


I’ve got the start of a list of things I could do, but I’m hoping when my pack arrives there will be some great ideas I can add to my list.

  1. go on a woodland walk
  2. feed the foxes and badgers at Keith’s
  3. litter collect at the beach
  4. go rock pooling
  5. make daisy chains for fun
  6. start feeding the birds in my garden
  7. make a bug house
  8. go for a picnic in the park
  9. wear flowers in my hair
  10. meditate outside
  11. lay in the long grass
  12. paddle at the beach
  13. go to America Woods with the dogs
  14. beach combing
  15. star gaze
  16. sit in the woods
  17. make seed bombs
  18. create a leaf mandala
  19. spend the whole day outside
  20. weave a live willow garden cone



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