How does your Garden Grow?

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love my garden! Its a place of peace, quiet and relaxation for me.Even if I’m up to my elbows in the soil, its raining (gently) or the sun is beating down, I’m a happy bunny when I’m out in my little witches garden.


When we moved into our current home the back garden was totally empty. Our landlord (who is totally amazing) had removed all the neglected plants, the weeds and replaced the old rotten fence. Over the last three summers I have added shrubs, herbs, alpines and cottage flowering plants- that I allow to self-seed each season.

Although I admire the ordered look of the Victorian garden It wouldn’t work for me. I love the chaotic look of the typical English cottage garden and this really works in my pocket square of a yard.

I have a few raised beds in my garden which I have sectioned out for different uses. The first of these is the main planting area that is raised one side and ground level the other (this is due to the garden being on a slope) in this bed I have a Twisted Willow tree grown from a cutting I took the year we moved into this house and a Lilac tree that has flowered for the first time this year. Both of these I planted last year for World Earth Day.

The second largest raised bed was put aside last year to my faerie garden craft project I had a whole village called Faebridge Island laid out in there. When I unpacked the houses from their winter storage I decided to dispersed across the garden placing them in nooks and cranny’s waiting to be discovered.

Because the faerie garden was no longer all laid out together as a village I have been able to remodel my memory garden in that raised bed. For each of the pets we have lost to Rainbow Bridge we have a name stone made. This means we are able to take these stones with us to whatever home we move to.

The next area of my garden was half of a goldfish pond when we moved in, The other half was in our neighbors garden but had been leveled and covered over with a patio. I chose to fill this area with rocks and soil and create an alpine garden and a place for my garden Goddess statue to stand. You can see the catio isn’t coming on very well at the moment but hopefully my hubby will get on top of this soon as I want Magpie to be able to get out and use it this summer.

Now I have the back yard/garden how I want it, it’s time to make a start on the front garden which has been left to it’s own devises. It needs to be cleared leveled and paved. I want something really low maintenance that looks smart and tidy.

WEEDS watch out I’m after you!!!!!

Hecataine x


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