Piddocks – anything but boring

The Hazel Tree

Just recently we were pottering happily along a pebbly beach on the island of Lismore, and some of the stones that we were picking up looked like this:


Just one pebble with a hole in it you could probably accept as a happy stroke of luck – but there were many more!   Some had just one hole, beautifully drilled and smooth on the inside, just wide enough to put your little finger in;   others were perforated with a network of tiny tunnels, so that if you held one up you could see a thousand pinpoints of light. But how do these holes occur?   They are certainly not caused by the sea.   The culprit is a mollusc, and it is called a piddock.


photo via Wikimedia photo via Wikimedia

Piddocks are bivalves, and their specially-adapted oval shells are edged with fine teeth which they use to excavate burrows…

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21 Days of #30dayswild

I’ve completed 19 days out of the first 21. I’m so pleased with all the wildness around me that would have normally gone unnoticed. I stopped yesterday on my walk home from work just to watch a butterfly flit about in the sunlight. Nothing major I know but it made me take a few minutes out of my busy day to focus on something else….. something calming and restful.

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