21 Days of #30dayswild

I’ve completed 19 days out of the first 21. I’m so pleased with all the wildness around me that would have normally gone unnoticed. I stopped yesterday on my walk home from work just to watch a butterfly flit about in the sunlight. Nothing major I know but it made me take a few minutes out of my busy day to focus on something else….. something calming and restful.

I’ve continued this challenge with a range of things that have been done simply and sometimes with very little planning. Watching the sun rainbows dance across my altar room wall, enjoying flowers and herbs picked from my garden, putting a little effort into make toadstool cupcakes rather than just cupcakes, the surprise I got when I came home after a few days away to see the most massive poppy flowering in my garden.

Laying in a friends meadow, listening to the steam trains chuff past while the dogs sniffed all the interesting rabbit sniffs, seeing how many different grasses I could find while out walking the dogs, pressing some of these grasses to keep as a reminder of this wild month, those cakes again!

I’m keeping a note of all my wildness in my bullet journal so it will be something I can look back on in years to come.

Hecataine x


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