Mabon Ritual

Last night (yes one day early) I celebrated Mabon.


It’s the first time in a while I have actually been able to organise myself ready for the sabbat, take the time out and complete a full blown ritual. Over the summer I always seem to have so much to do and so many places to be that the most I can do is a seasonal activity and a quick Goddess blessing. But over the last week I was able to put enough time aside to plan and write my ritual as well as gather the supplies I needed. I did have a small moment of panic over the weekend when I remembered that I had left my summer memories jar in my caravan but luckily my friend was able to pop over and collect it for me so my crisis was averted. Without anymore waffling here is my Mabon.

When planning a ritual or spell I find using my bullet journal to gather all my ideas in one place works the best for me. Once I have settled on my plans I can get down to writing out my celebration plans.

I started by thinking about the good and the bad things that have happened in my life this year. I then created a seasonal herb and flower offering in the dish around my candles and lit them, allowing them to burn throughout my ritual.

At Beltaine I wrote out three wishes for the summer on thin strips of parchment, these I rolled up and placed in a small glass jar. Throughout the summer I have been collecting small items (such as seaglass, a pretty shell, some grass flower heads, rosehips, seed pods and the like) that I have found while out and about, each of these has been added to the jar.  During my ritual each of the items were added to a new cleansed spell bottle along with the wishes I had written out at Beltaine. I also added a small slip of parchment with the date as this is something I plan to make a tradition of.

 Along with my summer memories jar I wrote out my annual “thankful for” letter. This is something I have done for about four years now I’m looking forward to the day when I’m much older and hopefully a little wiser when I can sit in my rocking chair and read through them all.

Before closing my ritual I wrote down anything negative that I wanted to rid myself of on to small slips of parchment these I cast into the flames of my sacred fire along with an offering of herbs and flowers.

Magpie chose this moment to wake up and see what I was doing, he wasn’t very keen on the fire so made himself at home on my Book of Shadows.


Mabon Blessing from Hecataine and Magpie



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