My Witchroom One Year On

A year ago I swapped “hobby” rooms with my husband (I must say his room still looks like it did the day we moved, with boxes piled high on his spare desk) My room however has changed somewhat since it’s initial setup. Settling into my Witchroom I’ve moved, added and repurposed items of furniture. I’m still not completely happy with the set up of everything I have in my room and I still have to add the ceiling drapes which is something I plan to get done over the winter months. But on the whole I am extremely happy with how everything flows together.


My Crystal cabinet and collection of thimble boxes are still in place on the wall opposite my window, the thimble boxes are filling up nicely and the crystals look lovely with the sunlight dancing on them each afternoon.

On the same wall I have my new “old” pine desk. I sit here each morning and update my bullet journal and it’s also where most of my written spell work and research happens. Magpie can often be found curled up underneath the shelf watching me work.

In opposite corners of the room I have sets of corner shelves, one set is dedicated to the Moon Goddess and my Peacock totem and the other to the Sun God and my totem the Fox

I have plans to add another set of shelves in this corner to honour all my beloved rainbow bridge pets, at present I have a chest that holds my griding crystals and my Glastonbury altar and a collection of bits and bobs that are either waiting to be put away or for me to find them a home. This table is really useful as it folds out into a massive work space if needed and has two large storage cupboards inside. In front of this table is my reading/relaxing seat which doubles as a place for Gracie and Bella to sleep

The window dressings haven’t changed at all. I love the way the draped sari’s look with the fairy lights wrapped through the pleats in the fabric.  I have added more sun catchers as I love to see all the little rainbows dancing on my walls in the late afternoon. My folding oak table lives here under the window now and is used all time during my rituals, spellwork and to charge crystals on.


This unit has moved across the room from behind my reading cushion and is now my BOS stand. It’s handy having this small storage area next to my altar. I keep all my flammable bits and bobs here along with glassware and my large pillar candles. Its also one of Magpies favourite places to sit and relax.

My Altar itself has changed very little in the last year. I no longer strip it down and redress it for each sabbat. Instead I add seasonal decoration here and there and keep it looking basically the same as I like how I have things. Inside the three cupboard sections I store my research books, my Tarot and Oracle cards,  Celestial water (for spellwork and crystal cleansing), Crystal balls, spell bottles, jars of sage and my BOS.

Above my Altar is a set of shelves that is probably is the favourite area of my altar room It’s my ancestor altar.  As you can see from the two pictures I’ve made some small simple changes over the year and added a few new additions.
But it’s basically the same and  I LOVE how it looks!!!

On all walls I have pretty things and useful items on display. I’m a sucker for clutter can’t you tell!

 Hope you enjoyed this little tour around my Altar/Witch room you can see a video of my room on my youtube channel here

Love Hecataine x


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