Black Moon Rite


For some the Black moon won’t be celebrated until the 30th October. I however prefer to celebrate the moon on it’s rising so for me the New moon was on the 30th September. I had planned to go to the beach with a friend, where we would build a fire and cast our negative thoughts into the sea and bury our hopeful new plans deep in the sands. However as it turned out I started a cold the day before and my friend was also feeling unwell. So I changed my plans for a more simple garden ritual (in my garden that is desperately in need of some weeding). 20160930_185906

I had already painted three naturally rounded pebbles to match three moon phases to charge with lunar energy overnight to use later in spells or during rituals.

As well as my Dark moon pebble I wrote a word and decorated several pebbles for friends who need a little extra boost you can see these on my fitpit stand in the photo above. After creating a sacred space for me to work in I invited the God and Goddess to join me  gave offerings to the fire and read a blessing for the black moon.  My focus for the evening was to help me rid myself of some ill feelings towards a work colleague and to prepare myself mentally for my winter hibernation.


After lighting the black candle I asked the goddess to help me release any negative feelings that should be discarded and not allow them entry into my heart or soul. I also asked for help as often the negative actions of other people affects my happiness, I would like to be able to change this. I then lit the white candle to accept and welcome any new changes, lessons and adventures into my life.  I made a promise to welcome new opportunities to grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually and focus on allowing myself to have a happy, harmonious life.

I wrote out the name of the colleague at work and the feelings her verbal attack had raised within me on to a piece of parchment. I took the feelings from within me and pushed them through my body and into the paper this I then crumpled and threw into the fire (two weeks on I am no longer dwelling on the incident and my work life is good once more).

On a pebble I then wrote the word “Courage” I find the winter months the hardest to cope with socially. My preferred past time throughout autumn and winter is too cuddle up with my pets and either crochet or sew while watching DVD’s however life just doesn’t let me do this and I have to get on and cope with being sociable. My courage pebble was to be planted in the garden to assist in my  personal growth. I painted a twin pebble which charged over night under the Black moon and I have this to carry with me when I’m feeling most vulnerable.

The rest of my ritual consisted of a guided mediation and just sitting in the peace of my back garden and enjoying the last of the warm summer evenings with a beautiful roaring fire.

I hope whether you celebrated the Black Moon last month or you are planning on celebrating this coming month you have a magickal evening.


Hecataine x


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