Samhain Ritual

My Rituals all start here in my bullet journal. I create a mood board from pictures and ideas that inspire me, before then working these together into a ritual. My base ritual changes very little from year to year, but the crafted items, offerings and readings may be new things i want to try or repeats of favourite crafts (like the summer blessings bottle I create each year at Mabon).

a few parts of my Samhain ritual are shared below

Witch Blessing

I honour witches of the present those who celebrate this sacred night
Connected, powerful and safe in our circle. – light the red, candle
I honour witches of the past those who lived in the darker times
who gave their lives so we may practice unharmed – light the black, candle
I honour witches of the future I leave a legacy of spell-craft for you to discover
let the light of magic shine on through you with honour and reverence respect and love
I give thanks to the craft and powers above – light the white, candle
Blessings be upon you. – credits to OP on pinterest

Old Sage King of Winter

Using herb sprigs from the garden and ribbon, I fashioned an effigy in the shape of a man to represent the God

Now at the end of the Summer this is the time of the final harvest,
I create this effigy of the Winter God from the herbs of my garden.
I ask the God to watch over me through the winter months
while my mind and soul rests and recharges
When the wheel turns in the coming year
I will offer this effigy to the sacred flames of transition

I placed the effigy on the left hand-side of my altar where it will stay until Beltaine.



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