Our family has increased! We once more have a pack of cocker spaniels.


For a while now the Hubs and I have been thinking that we should introduce a new dog into our family. Gracie-Lou is almost 14 and we count our blessings everyday. She has many good days and they far out weigh the bad ones…….. but we know that one day soon the hardest decision of all will have to be made. We are both dreading the thought of saying goodbye to her but I know that as much as we will miss her Bella-Donna will be totally lost without her big sister.
So “Mission New Dog” was put in place.

I never for a moment thought things would happen as quickly and perfectly as they did though! After a texting convo with a “dog owner” friend of mine I was made aware that a 16 month old cocker was looking for a new home after a family illness and long term hospitalization. My friend was really upset about the thought of parting with the pup but knew it was the best thing for the dog.

The new possiblility puppy came to visit on the Friday morning for a long weekend trial with us, Magpie and the girls. By Saturday I had ordered her a new ID tag with new name and my phone number. By Sunday I had informed my husband that she would be staying and she was already responding to her new name. (We changed her name as her original one was very similar to our Maggie-Mae’s, who we lost three years ago)
It was a done deal really as soon as I saw those big puppy dog eyes!!!
Pops has been a member of the family now for 7 weeks. She is such a sweetheart and so so norty!!!! But I wouldn’t change her for a thing. She steals and chews up anything she can reach in the bin, Tissues and paper are her favourite. She has killed more of Bella and Gracie’s stuffed toys in 7 weeks that Bella has in 7 years, there are issues around food time and she can be a real pig with treats and chews (but this can easily be worked on). The only real problem is she likes to chase the cats. Magpie will stand and face her off but both Mooki and Amme run which means she gives chase. I’m happy to give them time to work out their issues but in the meantime the house is littered with baby-gates to give the cats some hope of getting to a safe place before Poppy does.

Hecataine and Poppy-Mai x


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