Understanding Hekate- Part 4: Offerings and Sacrifices:

Loads of really useful information on this post. I’m looking forward to reading more from this blog.

Where Three Roads Meet...


In antiquity the practice to give offerings and sacrifices to the Gods was a very important part of the religion(s), if not an essential part.

The offerings and sacrifices acted like a bridge between the worlds of humans and Gods (or between humans and spirits, too).

For modern minds it is often quite difficult to understand the meaning of the practice to offer foods, incense or symbolic items to the Gods. For many it is just a waste of things. And some of the modern forms of witchcraft and neopaganism- don’t use this practice at all.

To understand the metaphysical and symbolical meaning of offerings and sacrifices better- you can look into religions were those practices are still living and breathing. In Voudou, Santeria, Hinduism and many of the Asian Religions- the practice to offer something to the Gods and spirits is very important and alive.

Different meaning of…

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