Sabbat Crafts – Making Spell Candles

I have a lovely witchy friend “E” who I follow and chat with on IG.  Like many other people around the world she had a tough time in 2016. But the strength she showed throughout all the difficulties she faced last year was amazing and I find her a total inspiration. I love seeing her witchy posts as she has some wonderful ideas and practices that she willingly shares with others. One of my most favourite things she makes are her spell candles.
They always look so magickal! So for Yule I decided to have a go at creating my own candle to use during my ritual.


To start off I wrote out a list of herbs, colours and correspondences linked to this time of year. I narrowed this list down to a practical seven items that I have in stock and gathered them together along with a solid orange and a solid black candle. I measured out the quantities of each herb and mixed them together.

I tried a few different methods of warming my base candle (the black one) but found that anything I tried was pretty much a waste of time. So instead I focused on just adding a layer of the orange candle to the base candle by dripping the melting wax onto the standing black candle. Once a nice layer started to build up I then rolled the candle in my herb mixture using a piece of paper so I didn’t get covered or spread magickal herbs all over my desk. dripping more orange wax over the herbs that had been collected by the warm orange wax. I repeated this method until all of the herbs had been used and the candle had a nice even coverage, I found that rolling the candle in a sheet of A4 paper between layers helped to keep the candle shape and also helped wedge the herb mixture into the new cooling wax layer. Once I was happy with the shape I then stood the candle back upright and dripped another layer of orange wax over the whole candle to seal in all of the herbs.

The candle looked great stood on my Yule altar and I have to say I was very impressed with the burning process, everything started out quite normally with a nice amount of flame but as the inner black wax started to melt and the herbs within the mixture warmed up the black wax started to ooze out and run down the sides of the orange candle.

The effect was fabulous and has given me so many ideas for future spell candles. Once the flame reached the herbs that were warm and dry, they ignited and caused the flame to increase, so as well as the wick burning the herbs burnt as well.

I should add for those picky people out there; I know I didn’t really “make” this candle what I did was more a case of “altering it” Have a go at altering your own candle for spell or ritual work, it’s great fun and can really added meaning to an otherwise plain shop bought standard candle.

Hecataine x


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