Sabbat Crafts – Hazelnut Wreath

I always do a ton of book and internet research before putting my sabbat additions into my set rituals. These additions are normally in the form of readings, crafts or outings. This year for Yule I wanted to have a go at a couple of things I had seen and repinned on Pinterest some time ago.
Sadly the pins I have for these pictures do not lead to their original sources so I haven’t linked them. 

Here’s is what I created and how I did it.

I wanted to make some of the hazelnut home protection charms for some of my friends and knowing that hand boring so many hazelnuts in ritual would not be an option I pre-drilled them all the day before. Remember to be super careful when holding each nut as you drill. I didn’t have a good hold on the first nut, which shot out of my hand hit the wall behind my desk bounced off and “shot” one of my dogs as she slept by my feet 😉 she wasn’t impressed!!! I also sanded and burnt a bind rune into some 15mm wooden beads during my preparation session. Holding such small items while working with a very hot tool isn’t something I would advise I found that poking a wooden kebab stick into the threading hole of the bead gave me a much safer handle on the beads as I worked.

I also prepared a large pine-cone that I had bought especially to hold my hopes and dreams for the coming year. For this I simply added a cord so that the cone could hang, a small woodland type festive decoration, a couple of small mushrooms and a bead with 16′ burnt into it (for 2016)

During my Yule ritual I created and blessed each item. Having prepared all the individual pieces prior to my ritual meant that my whole day flowed smoothly allowing me to spent a good four hours engrossed in my ritual crafts.

Magpie showed a great interest in my hazelnut protection charms he wasn’t extremely helpful as I had to stop him stealing the nuts a couple of times. Even though I had pre-drilled the nut shells I still needed to use a boring needle to help thread them onto the florist wire as the nut had moved about inside and shell and the holes were mostly no longer aligned. I added a small wooden bead between each of the nine hazelnuts, and completed the circle by double threading the last bead before twisting the two end of florist wire together and adding a couple of beads for decoration and one bead that i had sanded and burnt a bind-rune on. I did a little research and found the OP had used two runes one or “protection” and one for “home or belongings” these two seemed perfect for my requirements so I didn’t change this bind rune at all. To finish I twisted a loop into the wore and then tucked the loose ends back down into the bead.

I made four in total one for my own home and three for the homes of my closest friends. each of the ones I gifted had a small rolled up scroll with the “whys and wherefores” explained.

I then wrote out my dreams and wishes for the coming year onto small strips of parchment that I rolled and wedged into the fire cone (I did add a little glue to make sure they all stay in place as this will hang in my altar room all year around). I had some sprigs of Rosemary left over after my garden harvest so I bound these to a small bangle and added another of the woodland decorations I had used on my pine cone.


I hope you had a blessed Yule

Hecataine x


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