Sigils- repost from my BUJO blog

I use Sigils in many of my spells and witch crafts. My two favourite forms of working sigils are the Magic Square of Saturn and the Witches Sigil Wheel. Both allow you to create a sigil that is almost impossible for someone else to read. Whereas bindrunes another popular method are quite easy to break down into their meaning. 20161230_010841-1

This post will explain how I use these two methods to create sigils, there are many other methods that are out there on the internet and in books, but this is how I use them. 

With both methods you need to create a word or short phrase that expresses your spell work. I’m going to use the word PROTECTION for this example. Sometimes I will use just the one word other times I’ll chose a short sentence. You will need a copy of the square or wheel printed or copied out, mine is in my witch planer so I always have it to hand. It very important to have the numbers/letters in the order shown above. Regardless of the work you are crafting the order of these letters and numbers does not change.

I’ll start with the Magic Square of Saturn as this has one extra step to it.

for this method you will need to work out a number code for your chosen word

1     2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9
a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h    i
j    k    l    m    n    o    p    q    r
s    t    u    v    w    x    y    z

P   R   O   T   E   C    T    I    O    N
7   9   6    2    5    3     2   9   6   5

For the Witches wheel you just need the word/phase or sentence you have chosen.
I then place a thin sheet of paper over the top of my copy of the square or wheel. Although it’s not extremely clear in the photos my paper is thin enough for me to see the grid and numbers/letters on the sheet below. I use the sheet below as a guideline to draw out my sigils. Starting with your first letter/number draw a line to the next and then onto the next on until you have drawn lines to each of your letters/number. I personally like to start my sigil with an O and finish with a Θ (well a coloured in O), If a line if repeated the choice of drawing over, next to it or looping around it is totally up to you.

The sigil that you settle on, whether straight lined or curved, including vowels or without is entirely a personal choice (this adds to the coding of the sigil as no two people will draw a sigil the same). Pick the image that you like the most then repeat drawing it until you can draw it out in one smooth natural stroke. Take a piece of parchment/spell paper and while focusing on your spell intention write your sigil on the parchment (or of course whatever you have chosen to use maybe a candle, write your sigil in herbs on the floor, draw it in the sand….. your options are endless) I am planning to add this sigil to a spell bottle so I have folded my parchment and sealed it with wax and a stamp.

On my Instgram account (@bujowitch) I have two short videos of my process check them out if there is anything you’re unsure of or leave me a comment.

Hecataine x


4 thoughts on “Sigils- repost from my BUJO blog

    1. Your sentence can say anything you want it to. I try and keep my wording to the minimum for spell work using just enough for my intention to be worked.


  1. Thank you for your informative post. Being a newbie in this Wonderful World of Magic, I have found it difficult to put pen to paper where someone else can read it. This is going to be a great benefit that!


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