Dark Moon Magick – Witches Spell Bottle

Spell bottles, also known as “Witches Bottles”, have been in use in England since at least the 1600’s. They were often ceramic vessels, filled with hair, nails, and even urine or blood. They have been found walled up into homes, buried in gardens and or hidden underneath porches and doorsteps as magical guardians. Spell bottles of this type continued to be used well into the 19th century.


Spell bottles are made for a variety of purposes, and are used in numerous ways. Some are buried or otherwise hidden, while others are placed in windows of the home or in other prominent spots. All are concentrations of energy, created and empowered for specific magical purposes.

The Witches’ Bottle is a very powerful means of protecting your space. It is buried on your property (if you are an apartment dweller, you might try burying it in a potted plant at your door) in order to attract all negative things to it where it traps them. If you move, by all means, then dig it up and either destroy it or bring it to your new home.

from SPELL CRAFTS by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington and other sources

There’s nothing better than the dark moon for creating a little protection magick So how about joining me while I make a new Witches Bottle to protect my home and family

Witch’s Protection Bottle Spell.
– Best worked on a Dark Moon –

Step one gather your supplies, I tend to use 7 or 9 items (my herb mix counts  as one item) many of the items I place in my bottle are “nasty” to use a word to describe them.


Supplies I recommend are :

Broken Glass – cuts any negative links to your home ~rusty nails– to impale evil ~ pins – to impale evil ~ urine– to drown evil ~ salt – neutralizes evil ~ graveyard soil – neutralizes evil  ~ herb blend of choice ~ menstrual blood ~ hair or nail clippings from all members of the household (including pets) ~ brick dust links the spell to your home and family.

  • Glass Jar or bottle with a lid you can seal (I’ll use the word bottle for this post)
  • Black Candle to burn
  • Candle wax to seal
  • Quartz crystal chip – to magnify energy
  • Sigil on paper
  • Charcoal & Incense
  • Pestle and mortar
  • Wet wipes and anti bac

I would recommend choosing a selection of herbs with protection and or return to sender properties, such as: calamus, mullein, peony, geranium, rose, rosemary, St john’s wort, snap dragon, clove, cypress, dragon’s blood, heliotrope, cyclamen, eucalyptus, wormwood, vervain, frankincense, cedarwood, garlic, garden br galangal, juniper, lavender, myrrh, orris, hyssop, woodruff, violet, patchouli, rose, acacia, agrimony, angelica, lilac, valerian, sage, anise, ash, birch, broom, dogwood, dill, thistle, sandalwood, mistletoe, Arabic gum, balm of Gilead, basil, bay, bergamot mint, pine, pennyroyal, black pepper, caraway, carnation, cedar, cinnamon, clover, cumin, rue, peppermint, fennel, fern, flax, lilac, lotus, mandrake, marigold, mimosa, salt……… the list goes on.

I like to use The Witches Sigil wheel when creating sigils mainly because it is easy and once copied onto parchment the sigil will remain a secret. I simply chose a word (such as PROTECTION) start at the P and draw a connecting line to each of the following letters. Copy this onto parchment without the wheel.
I am not going to post the actual words that I speak when creating my witches bottle, but I’m happy to give you the gist of my spell. I always think spells work better when they are part of the caster not just something you have read  and copied out word for word. I have also removed all talk of Deities, I know everyone sees their magick differently and I don’t want to limit anyone by mentioning a Deity that they don’t work with.
Once you have gathered all the items that you are going to use together cast a circle, create your sacred space or do whatever you do when settling down to work a spell.

Light your black candle and read aloud your intention: something like this would work well.

“I make this witches bottle tonight,
for protection of all the loved ones inside this house, including myself.
To protect my home from harm, damage or violation.
To allow no ill will or intent directed at me and mine, past this door.
To reflect negativity and harm back to the sender with the force of three times three.”

Waft your chosen bottle through the smoke from some White Sage and then cork it (trapping some smoke inside) I do this primarily to cleanse the container then place it to one side.

Mix your chosen herbs in bowl or pestle, and  bless them.  I used spring water, sage smoke and read a blessing while charging them with crystals.

Add your items to the bottle it doesn’t matter what order you put them in, but I like to say the name of the item and the reason for it being included as I add it to the bottle .
I always have a selection of celestial waters ready for spells that can’t be cast under a certain moon phase so adding some water to your bottle charged under a Dark Moon would work if you are not able to work on a Dark Moon.

Once you have everything in place seal your bottle .
Hold it up in front of your black candle (personally I like to be able to watch the candle through my bottle)

Read aloud three time

I charge you bottle, a protection charm.
Keep mine safe, away from harm.
Inside darkness calls to darkness,
Rendering all evil harmless.

Seal with wax add quartz chip to the wax, to magnify energy.

Bury spell bottle in your garden (or a plant pot if you don’t have a garden) by the most used door to your home, or hide inside the house by the most used door if burying is not an option. Your bottle should not be placed in plain sight, It’s not a pretty spell to be spoken of each time a visitor arrives and sees it. Its a dark nasty spell to stop evil in it’s tracks and send it back from where it came.

If you are into “an harm it none” it probably isn’t the protection spell for you.

©hecataine 2014


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