Sabbat Crafts – Parchment Brigids Cross

My Sabbat research in my Bullet journal. You can see this sabbat I wanted to create a new Brigids Cross for my altar. I have gathered some ornamental grasses from my garden and fully intend to create a reed cross but I also I love the idea of the parchment Brigids Cross.

My Pinterest link led me here to this blog   below is the original posters cross (on the left) and one I created last night for friend as a talisman for a friend (on the right)

A quick and easy but meaningful sabbat craft that young and old can complete with ease. These little Brigid’s crosses can be blessed, charged and given as talismans or as offerings to your deity.  The cross in the picture above is a blessed talisman for a friend who has a big performance coming up in the next week.Supplies I used:

♥ paper trimmer ♥ PVA glue ♥ A4 parchment paper ♥ sealing wax ♥ wax stamp ♥ fineliner pen ♥ pencil ♥ rubber ♥ ruler

So to start you need to cut or tear four strips of your parchment. I like both the neat edge  from the cutting blade and the slightly more rustic look you can get from tearing the paper along the side of a ruler. But for speed if you are cutting a whole pile of these strips I would suggest using a trimmer as its quicker and easier to measure the width of your strips. For these pictures I have cut all my strips to 2cm width.

Fold all four strips in half length ways. make your fold even and sharp this will help you form your center “knot”. Now start to form your “knot” take two pieces of parchment. and using the photo above and below as a guide slot each parchment strip over the other to form your four sided knot.

This is what you are aiming for. Four equal squares in the center.

When you turn your knot over you might find that it doesn’t look the same as the front. just tuck the odd strip underneath as per the photo.

and you should have a matching knot on both sides.

 Chose which side is your top and write your prayer, blessing, wishes or well…… basically whatever you want on the four strips.

Take your PVA glue and add the tiniest drop to the end of each strip on the TOP side. Then turn the cross over and tuck each glued end inside the folds of the knot. Hold and press firmly until the glue takes hold.

Light your sealing wax and add as much wax as you require for your stamp and seal your talisman, (cat supervision is optional).

 I’m going to use the cross I create during my Imbolc ritual this year to write out my four main areas of personal development that I have chosen to work on in 2017.

Hecataine x


3 thoughts on “Sabbat Crafts – Parchment Brigids Cross

  1. Reblogged this on Sybille De Mgh and commented:
    Une très bonne idée pour faire une croix de Brigitte lorsqu’on a pas de jonc. J’ai découvert cet article grâce au groupe Facebook “célébrations des sabbats & voie païenne” merci à Solène B. pour ce partage 😉


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