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I started reading the Stella Mayweather series by  Camilla Chafer sometime in 2012-13

Then due to a deterioration in my mental health I stopped reading. Since I was little I’ve always had a book on the go sometimes I would read two or three from different genres. But while suffering with depression, books went out the window (not literately of course)  I just couldn’t focus on a story or face looking at so many words on a page. Now I’m better and I’m feeling more focused I want to get back into reading and rediscover my enjoyment of books. 

One of my targets that I have set myself this year is to read more than I craft and watch TV. I bought myself a shiny new Kindle Fire for Yule and downloaded the remaining books in this series. Over a period of three days I devoured book 4. It took me a little longer to get going with book 5 but over this last weekend (yes a month since I started it) I have put time aside to “just read” and I’m enjoying this book as much as the first four.

The story of Stella Mayweather is that of a young women who discovers she is a witch (and by that I mean a supernatural witch), over the period of the first few books she learns to control her magic, falls in love with a deamon, makes a ton of magical friends, gets kidnapped and avoids getting killed several times by modern day witch hunters. The books are fun and easy to read (nothing to taxing after a busy day at work), the romance levels are lighter than your classic Mills and Boons, and all the main characters being some form or other of supernatural creature adds a spark to the story.

If you are looking for a serious “witch” read these are not the books for you, If however a lighthearted read with a magickal twist is your thing? Try them you just might enjoy them as much as I have.

Hecataine x


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