Sabbat Crafts – Affirmation Eggs

– Affirmation Eggs –

One of my most favourite sabbat activities is affirmation eggs (my take on a fortune cookie). The first time I made them was for a coven ritual I wrote back in 2012, those eggs were no where near as pretty as these ones they were just simply dyed with food colouring in a single colour. Even then though the reaction from my then coven members was surprise at what I asked them to do with the egg that they had chosen.


I like to always have more eggs than I need, that way the last person to chose an egg still has a choice and isn’t picking the only egg in the bowl. Give the egg shells a good wash before starting (remember they’ve come into this world from a chickens bum!) prick holes in both the top and bottom of the egg (you will need a larger hole on the bottom of the egg to make emptying the egg an easier task.

Once you have emptied all of the contents from each egg you will need to wash out the inside of the shell. I do this by “carefully” sucking up some soapy warm water into the egg shaking it before blowing it back out again. I do this several times for each shell.

Set them on kitchen towel to drain and then paint them in any way you like. I use acrylic paints and posca paint pens. Placing the shells on a kebab stick helps as you won’t get covered in paint yourself or smudge your art work.

Type out your chosen affirmations on to paper and cut these into narrow strips. Once your painted designs have dried roll the paper strips as tightly as you can and push them inside the egg shell (use the larger hole on the base).

I tend to give my egg shells a light coating of varnish just to stop any paint chipping off. Your eggs will make a fabulous centre piece for your ritual altar as well as surprising all your circle members when you tell them to pick an egg for themselves.

and then tell them to crush the shell within their hands to see the affirmation hidden within.

Let me know with a comment if you have a go at this and tell me how you got on 🙂

Hecatine x


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